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The Dos and Don’ts of Junk Removal

The Dos and Donts of Junk Removal

Junk removal is something we all go through at some point or another. You might be moving homes or want to have a good clear-out.

However, junk removal is more challenging than you think – perhaps that’s why we keep putting it off! Eventually, it becomes a large-scale problem, so you might need to call in the pros.

The thing is, the pros can’t tell you what to keep or chuck in the garbage; that’s all down to you. They just help get rid of stuff.

Here are helpful tips to tackle junk removal, guaranteed to work.


  • Write a plan – trying to clear a house quickly or without an organized structure will become overwhelming and might lead you to give up
  • Decide on the different categories – charity, recycle, keep, or trash
  • Organise dedicated space for each group
  • Get hold of enough boxes for recycling and items for donations, and work out where you’re going to put the stuff you want to keep; otherwise, you may trip over your own feet
  • For trash, equip yourself with enough disposal bags or boxes
  • If you’re working in an attic or garage with dust and potentially mold, wear a mask and protective gloves – junk removal can be a dirty job!
  • Work one room at a time, dividing items into each category. If the room is overwhelming or crammed with stuff, divide it up into sections, which you tackle on different days
  • It can help to get a friend involved, especially if you’re prone to prevaricating over what to keep and what to dump
  • Remember, you can take photos of items you get rid of and keep that image on your device
  • Giving an item that is still usable to someone else can help assuage the feelings of guilt when you get rid of it and make it easier to part with
  • If your room is cramped, don’t try to sort things in that space. Set aside a clear area, maybe outside on a sunny day, and take everything to that dedicated location to sort it
  • In the trash box, sort items into non-recyclable and recyclable
  • If a junk company is coming to take your throwaways, consolidate the boxes if you can – many companies calculate their rate based on space used in the haulage truck
  • Confirm what the junk company is legally allowed to take
  • Do follow the rule that if you haven’t used something in the past two years, then it is indeed junk
  • Allow more time than you think you’ll need


  • Don’t attempt junk removal in one day or a short space of time; it never works
  • Don’t try to dispose of hazardous substances or materials, including paint, tires, any item containing gas or oil, asbestos, or fluorescent lights, along with regular waste. Junk removal companies cannot take hazardous materials, so you must properly dispose of these items elsewhere.
  • Don’t accept the first removal quote you receive; shop around for the best rates and for the company that can take all your junk.
  • If you’re determined to do all the junk removal yourself, don’t overlook the rules and regulations for waste management, dumping, and environmental considerations like permits
  • Don’t neglect your health when you start the task; ventilate the room or area properly, and if necessary, use fans
  • Don’t lift heavy items on your own. Get someone to help you, or better still, leave it to the professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Tip Junk Removers?

It’s a dirty job, not one you want to do, so your junk removers always appreciate a well-judged tip. Remember, they’re supporting you in a potentially overwhelming process!

If you don’t want to tip, a cup of tea or coffee always goes down well.

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