Become a truck team member with Nixxit.

Enjoy a job that keeps you moving. From compensation to even the uniforms you wear, we have tried to make your experience an enjoyable one! Work shouldn’t always have to feel like work.

We're growing fast! Become a part of our Bay Area junk removal team.


Desire to keep items out of the landfill.

Friendly, personable, and trustworthy!

Pass a background check.

Age 21+ with valid driver's license.

Active and enjoy physical activity.

Comfortable presenting service.

Be able to lift 75 pounds.

Possess working smartphone.

Have a strong work ethic.

Apply today!

If you deeply care for others by putting them first, have a strong drive and work ethic, and can work together in a team, we wan't to hear from you.

Truck Team Member FAQs

Having a working smartphone of current tech standards is an essential tool for working with us. You’ll use our app to run your entire route out in the field such as checking your job schedule, tracking job details, collecting payment, and more. It is also a requirement for staying in touch with your team frequently throughout the day. Nixxit provides a cell phone reimbursement for data and usage.

Yes, however, not right away. Our junk trucks are an essential tool for the business and you will eventually be trained to drive an Isuzu NPR box truck, therefore, you must be comfortable with learning to drive them. A valid and clean driver’s license is required.

Yes. All Truck Team Members will go through a 2-4+ week training process. You will receive a comprehensive Training Manual accompanied by in-field training during this process. 

All employees receive Paid Sick Leave, Monthly Cell Phone Reimbursement, and Tips (both cash and electronic). Full-time employees can also start accruing Paid Time Off (PTO) after 6 months (182 days) and are also eligible to receive Paid Holidays.

As a small business, we are always looking for ways to improve our benefits. As we continue to grow, our goal is to provide additional benefits for our team.

Fast-paced and always moving. At our company, our Truck Team Members are tasked with dismantling, lifting, and loading unwanted items from homes and businesses. This may include large and bulky appliances, heavy furniture, construction debris, miscellaneous household items, and more. You must enjoy being active and social.

Yes, you can easily rack up overtime hours, especially during the high season when the hours can be long (10-12+ hours during summer).  

Each day and job is always different and it’s up to our truck team members to make sure that all services are performed safely, efficiently, and with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Come to work prepared to do a checklist of equipment and view your workload for the day. You will average about 6 jobs per day, maybe more during high season. Days are spent moving around a lot and on your feet. Prepare to get a good workout in.

A typical job may be anything from hauling away old furniture to cleaning up construction debris. Some jobs may also require dissmantling and the use of power tools. We encourage you to check out our Instagram @nixxitjunk for a behind-the-scenes look of what it’s like to work in the field. 

Our Team Lead spot is reserved for our tenured pros that are natural-born leaders. Once officially a pro, management will be happy to discuss this promotion with you.

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