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9 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring a Junk Removal Company in the Bay Area

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If you’re looking for a professional junk removal company in the Bay Area, CA for garbage removal, appliance removal, furniture removal, garage cleanouts, and estate or office cleanouts, it’s vital to go with a Bay Area junk removal company that is dedicated to being the best of the best.

You want a reliable company that has experience in the industry, so your garbage and clean-out needs are expertly tended to. At the same time, you want a reputable company that will also be respectful of your property while removing items. After all, you are letting strangers into your home.

If you’ve never worked with a junk removal company before, knowing where to start when it comes to choosing the right one can feel, well a bit overwhelming. You also shouldn’t just choose the first junk removal company you see pop up on Google or Yelp.

Instead, do your research so you know what to expect.

To make the whole process seamless for you, here are some pre-screening tips, along with 9 valuable questions to consider asking any junk removal company you want to hire.

Typical Junk Removal Screening Process

We believe in the importance of starting any junk removal project with a phone call, regardless of whether its a small or large project. A quick phone call will allow you to ask questions upfront without risking any miscommunication or misunderstanding.

A phone consultation will also allow you to properly vet your junk removal company and make sure its someone you want to do business with first.

Plus, any good professional company will also want to chat with you beforehand and get to know you as a customer. This prior phone call will also allow them to ask you questions in return so that they can learn more about your specific project needs.

Once you’ve started your phone screening process with your potential junk removal company, consider asking these questions to make sure they are the right fit for your project.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Junk Removal Company

During your initial phone consultation, ask these preliminary questions to help you decide if the Bay Area-based junk removal company is the right fit for you.

1. What type of junk do you take?

Depending on what items you need to have hauled away, you want to make sure the junk removal company can take it. Here’s a list of common items Nixxit can take. Keep in mind that many junk removal companies do not accept household hazardous waste (paint, household chemicals, etc) as transporting these types of materials require special licenses and permits.

2. Who will be doing the heavy lifting?

Some companies, like Nixxit, have workers that come and collect junk items from right inside your house. This comes in handy when you’re disposing of heavy items such as appliances or furniture. Other companies will ask you to move everything to a central location, like the end of your driveway, or even load the truck yourself.

There are also some companies that like to subcontract out your junk removal job without telling you. This may lead to confusion when they arrive. Plus, we think it’s only fair that you know exactly who will be showing up for your junk removal appointment the day of.

At Nixxit, you will always receive a text message when your Pro is en route, which includes your junk removal expert’s name and picture so that you’re greeted by a familiar face when they arrive.

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3. How do they charge for junk removal?

  • Check with the junk removal expert and see if their pricing is competitive. You’ll need to do a bit of research here. If their services are on the cheaper side, ask them why.

  • Going with the cheapest company is not always the best solution. Especially if you have items that have to be removed from inside the home. Although some crews may be cheap, they might not be experienced to properly lift and haul away heavy items. Floors and walls can easily get damaged if appliances and furniture are not removed by professionals.

  • If a price seems much cheaper than the average going rate, this should raise red flags. The junk removal industry is plagued by “fly-by-night” haulers who are known to give bargain deals and illegally dump items on roads and back alleys. Learn more about the environmental and social impacts of hiring fly-by-night haulers here.

4. How large is your truck?

Many professional junk removal companies charge according to volume. Therefore, it’s important to ask your junk removal professional how large their truck is.

If one company’s truck is 14 cubic yards and their full truckload rate is the same as a company’s truck that is 16 cubic yards, you get more volume and better value with the second company.

5. Do you do free estimates?

Many junk removal professionals offer free no-obligation on-site estimates as a part of their service. This is generally the best and most accurate way for them to assess the job and see what it will require.

Simply describing your load over the phone can oftentimes lead to miscommunication as “a lot” of debris or “not much” can mean something different depending on who you ask and photos don’t always show the true scale of the job size.

Learn more about getting an estimate from Nixxit for your junk removal project here.

6. Is your company a licensed company?

A licensed junk removal company will take the necessary steps to properly dispose of your garbage, furniture, appliances, and electronics. Also, they will take care not to damage your property while clearing out your home, office, or yard.

7. Do you have insurance?

A professional junk removal company will carry insurance to protect themselves, and more importantly, you! Always opt to only work with a company that is insured. If there are any damages to your property in the process of removing your items or a person is injured, you can rest easy. At Nixxit, we are fully insured and backed by a $1 million dollar insurance policy.

This means we know how to get the job done and you can relax knowing that your items and your home or business are in safe, capable hands.

Tip – If you aren’t sure whether a company is insured, ask them to see a copy of their Certificate of Insurance (COI). A company should be willing to easily show you or email you a copy.

8. How do you dispose of my junk?

A good junk removal company will donate usable items and dispose of unusable items responsibly. At Nixxit, our goal is to donate, recycle, or reuse up to 80% of what we haul away. Learn more about our environmental commitment.

9. Are you a local small business or a franchise?

Working with a local business is always a good idea, as they tend to charge less, however, you also need to check their experience. The more experience a junk removal company has, the better they will be at their work.

Nixxit is a locally owned business based in the Bay Area that has over 10 years of experience in the junk removal industry. We have one of the largest trucks in our industry and are competitive with rates in the Bay Area. That’s not all! Nixxit is one of only a few junk removal companies that are a Certified California Green Businesses. You can view our certification here. We are also licensed and fully insured for your safety.

Ready to learn more about our junk removal services? Give us a call today at (925) 521-8354.

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