Why we are here.

We exist to give our customers that moment of relief and satisfaction, that moment when they know they’re going to be able to step foot in their home, garage, or property again, junk-free.

Nixxit, based out of Castro Valley, CA is a full- service junk removal company that serves the entire Bay Area. Our team is backed by more than 10+ years of professional experience working previously for the largest junk removal company in the world.

This has taught us that while small businesses and large businesses might operate in the same market, they have significant differences that can have a large effect on business operations. 

Many large junk removal franchises just see the communities they serve as territories.

As a small business that’s rooted in Alameda County and Contra Costa County, Nixxit truly cares about making a difference where we grew up, live, and work.

The owner of Nixxit, Sarah, grew up in Dublin and has been rooted in the Bay Area her entire life. 

The two other hard-working faces of Nixxit are Bryce and David. Bryce grew up in Castro Valley and David grew up in Fremont.

While Sarah comes from a corporate background, Bryce and David both previously worked for the largest blue franchise junk removal company in the world for many years. 

One day the three came together and decided that they were all simply tired of working for large bureaucratic companies and noticed all the things we could do better – and so the story goes of how Nixxit was started. 

Our team is one of only a few Certified Bay Area Green Businesses in our industry. We are committed to sustainable disposal, which means keeping as much as we can out of the landfill, donating whenever possible, and recycling up to 80% of what we haul away. Our green initiatives also extend into our everyday operations outside of the field.

We are an agile team of hardworking individuals that perform well beyond our size. Our past experience in all facets of the junk removal industry enables Nixxit to meet your challenge and deliver specialized expertise to any job size.

By stripping away overly complex workflows and embracing the latest technology, we are able to direct all of our energy into creating a personal and efficient junk removal experience. We would love to chat about junk, life, dogs, whatever with you. Give us a ring!

It's time to expect more from your hauler.

People don’t just love us for our personalities. We are also known for:



Our skilled specialists haul away your unwanted items quickly and efficiently with a level of unmatched hospitality.



As environmental ambassadors, we strive to preserve the earth’s resources and prepare our communities for a sustainable future.



To be active, engaged community-stewards by creating strategic community partnerships and effective public outreach.

We value our community and environment.

Nixxit is proud to be a Bay Area Certified Green Business.

Why choose Nixxit?

Here are some of the reasons customers in the Bay Area and Alameda County and Contra Costa Counties choose us when it comes to their junk removal needs.

  • Locally Owned and Operated

  • Certified Women-Owned Small Business

  • Background Checked Employees

  • Fully Licensed and Insured

  • Environmentally Conscious Business Practices

  • Responsible Disposal

  • Free On-Site Estimates and Upfront Pricing

  • Uniformed Team of Professionals

  • We Donate Up To 80% of What We Haul Away

  • Electronic Payments – No Need for Cash on Hand

Sarah McCorriston


Sarah McCorriston

Sarah is the founder of Nixxit, primarily behind the scenes keeping things intact.

 She spends most of her days  managing operations, brand, and customer success but likes to get out into the field to change things up every once in awhile.

Sarah is a maker and a “do’er” at heart. Prior to Nixxit she owned her own small business in College and spent several years after that  in Marketing.

Her experience in a wide variety of business sectors always brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Bryce Basozki

Field Operations

Bryce Basozki

Bryce Basozki oversees the companies field operations and is in the trenches daily building customer relationships and handling the heavy lifting.

Prior to starting at Nixxit, he worked for the world’s largest junk removal company for over 7 years, where he was honored as the Truck Team Member of the year. 

Bryce is well known for his shining personality and his unique ability to connect with everyone he meets. Bryce is not only your go-to mustache man, but he also knows the ins and outs of the industry and truly loves what he does. 

David Alvernaz

Field and Fleet Manager

David Alvernaz

Most people probably look at David’s peppered beard, and professional manner and assume he only means business – but he’s got an arsenal of one liners up his sleeve.

He primarily works out in the field, keeping things on track and customers smiling.

Prior to starting at Nixxit, David worked as the Senior Operations Manager for a global hauling company for over 3 years.

He has a proven track record of building and managing strong teams dedicated to client relationships and delivering immediate and sustainable value – while keeping things light and fun.


Director of Happiness


Ryder is a founding member of Nixxit and takes his role within the company very seriously, although he often times gets caught sleeping on the job. Whether he is greeting team members for morning meetings or ensuring all treats served are of the highest quality, Ryder is the epitome of a team player.

At 109 pounds, he packs quite the punch and keeps the office safe should anyone try some funny business.

When not supervising the office, Ryder enjoys looking for squirrels on his walks and getting belly rubs from anyone he crosses paths with.

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