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4 Tips To Prepare You For Your Junk Removal Appointment

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It’s an exciting feeling!

You’re finally ready to clean out your attic.

Or maybe you’re cleaning out your garage.

You know, the one you haven’t been able to park your car into for some time due to years of clutter building up.

So, you’ve taken the leap! You set up the long-overdue appointment with your local junk removal company and your appointment date is quickly approaching.

What now?

To help your junk removal day go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, here are some tips to prepare.

Locate your items

We recommend getting together a general game plan of what you want to go before the day of your appointment.

You might think this is standard practice, but in many cases, people forget that they have items that they want to get rid of or donate, hidden away in closets, under beds, or on top shelves.

Additionally, some people don’t realize that filling up more space in their haulers truck is actually a better value.

(Tip: We recommend knowing and understanding your hauler’s pricing structure before your appointment day rolls around. Give them a call before so you know what to expect if you haven’t done so already.)

For example, Nixxit offers its customers a better rate if they fill up a full truckload of junk (16 cubic yards) compared to a half load.

Knowing this information beforehand can prevent last-minute scrambling to collect items during your appointment window. If this happens, it’s easy to become flustered, leaving you feeling under-prepared.

Tight schedules also help keep your disposal teams on time for the next customer, so knowing what you want to get rid of in advance will make removing your old junk a smooth and easy process.

Nixxit can haul your junk from any location. So, no need to gather your items beforehand. Just let us know where your items are located and we can get it for you. Click here to see what items we take.

Check items for sentimental value

Make sure you are well aware of what items are buried in the pile that you are planning to have hauled off before you give the green light to take it away.

So, dust off those old boxes in the attic that you plan to discard and dig in! Crack open a bottle of wine and make it fun!

Often times, there are sentimental items buried away in boxes and storage containers. If an item is important to you, you want to make sure you hold onto it.

Bryce Basozki, Nixxit’s Field Operations Manager, recalls a time when one of his customers accidentally threw away a box with her wedding dress and old wedding photo albums in it.

“I was at the transfer station pulling in when I got a frantic call from the customer that I just completed a job for several hours prior”, says Bryce. “She had suddenly realized that one of the boxes that she had me take contained a ton of old wedding stuff in it. Inside was her wedding dress, photo albums, and other miscellaneous items. I felt terrible for her and I knew what I had to do. Without hesitation, I jumped into the back of my truck and starting digging through about a ton of garbage to find her box. Once I found it, I put it safely in my cab on the passenger’s seat. When I finished dumping my truck, I drove back to her house and dropped it off to her. It was pretty cool watching her eyes light up when I gave her back her box that contained 20-year-old memories”.

Consider separating donations

Prior to your junk removal appointment, brush up on your hauler’s donation pick-up policy.

Many haulers will pick-up your donations for you and take them to local charities. However, they may request that you separate these items from your garbage to keep things in good condition during transport.

On the other hand, some companies might actually do this separating and sorting for you.

At Nixxit, we try to do our part to ensure responsible disposal. Click here to learn more about our environmental commitment.

Throughout Alameda County and Contra Costa County areas, Nixxit will sort, separate, and donate anything that can be used by someone in need.

Hazardous waste

Make sure you know your hauler’s policy on hazardous waste as most junk removal companies do not accept it, including Nixxit.

This includes common household items such as paint, batteries, expired medication, cleaning solvents, gasoline, full propane tanks, and oil that you may have thought your hauler could take during your appointment.

Excepting these items requires special licenses, permits, and regulatory training. So, if a hauler tells you that they can take these items, be VERY cautious.

Although Nixxit does not accept hazardous waste, we want to ensure that your items get to the right place safely to prevent pollution.

Below is a community resource list of hazardous waste disposal sites in the Bay Area. Click here to view the list of disposal sites.

Save The Bay is also a great resource and provides additional information on local hazardous waste disposal.

These are just some quick tips to ensure you a smooth junk removal experience. If you are looking for a junk removal service in Alameda County or Contra Costa County, Nixxit can help!

You can reach us at our local number (925) 521-8354 or schedule a pick-up online today!

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