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Need a New Fridge? What You Should Consider Before Purchasing

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No one likes when their refrigerator is on the brink. Read on to find out the things you need to know before buying a new one.

There’s a World of Choices Out There

Today’s refrigerators are appliances that, in the absence of unforeseen problems, keep our kitchens running seamlessly through every season. All is well until the fridge is no longer humming along and you need to start shopping for a new one. Never fear: this guide will help you make the best decision for your home and family.

As we know, a refrigerator is a large appliance that keeps foods within a certain temperature using cooling coils and electricity. When refrigerators first came to market, they were mainly called “iceboxes” because ice was used to keep the temperature cooler inside the “box” than the air temperature outside. This ability offered families and businesses a way to extend the shelf-life of their foodstuffs and, in return, helped usher in a healthier, safer way to prepare food.

The “iceboxes” of today are a far cry from what they used to be. Thanks to decades of research, competition, technology, and inventiveness, refrigerators are now works of art that decorate the modern kitchen with “smart” abilities and more culinary possibilities than ever.

Because refrigerators are so long-lived, few people stay up to date on the newest capabilities a fridge might offer. If your fridge needs replacing due to a breakdown or a remodel, this guide can help you bridge the gap between the need for a new fridge and the multitude of outstanding options available to you.

Size Matters

Refrigerators average 30-40 inches in width and 60-70 inches in height, with many variations in between. You can choose from a standard-sized fridge with a depth that is not exactly in line with cabinets or you can install a built-in fridge especially ingrained into your kitchen’s layout, complete with a cabinet door to match.

With all the new refrigerators out there available for purchase, it’s tempting to buy the first one that catches your eye. However, not even the most technologically advanced unit will fit if you don’t measure your space properly. Measuring is the only way you can tell whether the new fridge will be a successful addition to your home or a nightmare in the making. Stick to the following steps to ensure a seamless fit:

  • Measure the width of the space for the new fridge.
  • Measure the depth, including the area for the plug, water dispenser lines, and ice machine tubes.
  • Measure the height of the area to ensure the fridge will tuck up under any overhanging cabinets.
  • Measure to include extra space—at least an inch—all around the appliance so that air can circulate.
  • Measure to ensure the fridge’s doors and hinges don’t infringe on other areas, such as cabinets, doorways, windows, countertops, and walking space.
  • Measure with interior size in mind as well. CNet.com reports that compact fridges have a capacity of 10 to 12 cubic feet. Those with freezers on top range from about 15 to 24, while those with bottom freezers range from 19 to 25 cubic feet. Side-by-side fridges may be anywhere from 20 to 29 cubic feet and those with French doors range from 18 to 32 cubic feet.
  • Measure to make sure there is enough door and wall space available for your new fridge to be safely moved into your kitchen from the delivery truck!

Your Fridge Should Reflect How Your Family Lives

When purchasing a new refrigerator, keep the focus on you and your household’s habits and lifestyle. Yes, there are a lot of beautiful fridges out there, but because there are so many choices, you have to double down on what’s most important to your household. Here are a few choices you may want to consider, if not disregard:

    • Style/layout – From size and color to finish and door placement, today’s refrigerators offer options to suit nearly all tastes. Your style and mode of living will help you decide on which fridge is for you. From a stainless satin finish on a French door model to a bright bronze finish on a compact freezer-on-bottom model, the refrigerator world is your oyster.
    • Access – How many doors do you need? Have kids who need a smaller access door for fruits and sippy cups? What about a water dispenser or ice maker access point outside of the fridge? Like the look of many doors or do you prefer sleek minimalism? 
  • Your shopping habits – Some shoppers just pick up what they need when they need it and never really use their freezers, while others buy in bulk to save money or prep meals in advance. Know which kind of shopper you are before you buy a new fridge that ends up being too small…or too large.
    • Organizational choices – Prefer fresh foods to be in their little drawer or do you like less organization and just a whole lot of space? Maybe you prefer adaptive organization so that you have shelving flexibility for when you buy tall or large objects? Maybe your baby needs special places to keep her milk fresh? Organizational options for today’s fridges are surprisingly versatile. From doors within doors to drawers that pull straight out of the middle of the closed fridge, there is an organizational option that has your name on it.
  • “Smart” options – It seems everything in our homes is “smart,” so why not the refrigerator, too? Some fridges come with built-in televisions, computers, and cameras. Some you can talk to—and they talk back! You can watch a cooking video right on the door of some new fridges so you never miss a beat while cooking. Your kiddoes can even watch cartoons while having their morning cereal. The options are endless. BestBuy.com reminds you that connected fridges allow owners to check their calendars, leave notes for the household, and hop online for videos, recipes, and social media.

Out with the Old Before You Bring in the New

Whether you choose to remove your old fridge before shopping or before the new fridge arrives, you’ll need help getting that juggernaut out of the house. Appliance removal is serious business that could cause injury or worse in the event of an accident.

Nixxit serves locations all over the Bay Area, and we can help you get ready for that new fridge in no time. With years of experience and professional service, Nixxit knows how to do things right so that your old appliance is disposed of properly and you can keep your focus on learning all about that new refrigerator. Call us today!

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