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Preparing Your Backyard For Bay Area Storm: Tips For Homeowners

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As we brace ourselves once again for heavy rain and gusty winds in the Bay Area over the next several days, new sets of challenges are ushered in like the possibility of damaged structures in our outdoor living spaces.

Homeowners and building owners with substantial outdoor areas must be aware of the dangers that these types of weather hazards present.

Preparing your backyard for a storm means proactively safeguarding and securing your home and or business from potential damage, and as a result, you will be able to focus your efforts on getting organized and prepared in other ways before the storm hits.

These last-minute tips will help you prepare your home and backyard from rain and wind damage.

Prepare Your Yard for Bay Area Storm

Overgrown Trees and Loose Branches

Check your yard for overgrown trees or loose branches before the storm kicks into high gear. Winds are especially damaging to trees with large or heavy branches.

Proper pruning of trees will provide protection from wind and storm damage. Branches that begin to droop under their own weight should be cut back to a length that the tree can carry. Branches that have less than a 45-degree crotch angle or cross over other branches should also be removed as these branches are weaker and more likely to break in high winds. Dead or damaged branches should also be removed at this time.

Not only can storm damage trees themselves, but large hanging branches that are left unattended can fall at any time and cause damage to your home and power lines.

How To Get Rid Of Yard Debris

Once your tree limbs and yard debris have hit the ground, the next question is what do you do with any items that are too large to fit into your green waste? Contact a local junk removal company like Nixxit to lend a hand. We will come out and do whatever is necessary to get rid of those old tree branches for you quickly. Once we arrive on-site, the Nixxit team will load any debris into our truck from wherever it’s fallen (no need to stack things into piles). See what other items we take here.

Secure and Put Away Outdoor Items

Don’t forget to put away any canopies, umbrellas, outdoor furniture, pots or other loose objects prior to the storm. Even appropriately weighted down or anchored canopies or furniture might not be able to withstand high winds and heavy rain.

Winds and rain can blow these types of outdoor structures across backyards resulting in significant damage (broken windows, destroyed plants, and harmful injuries).

Get Help Dismantling and Hauling Outdoor Furniture

Most local haulers, like Nixxit, can actually help you dismantle outdoor furniture such as large canopies, so no need to do this yourself. Our team will come out and disassemble your outdoor items for you and haul away any pieces that are old or damaged. We make it easy for you.

Check Fences

Finally, don’t forget to check your fence for any loose posts, boards or panels. Loose fences are susceptible to high winds and can become hazardous during a storm. Remove any posts that have started to lift out of the ground and fix all the loose and damaged boards.

Fence Demo and Removal

If your fence has seen better days and needs to be removed quickly to mitigate any problems, give Nixxit a call.

Our team will help with the burden of taking down any fence and haul away the debris. We will also make sure to clean up any mess and all material will be properly recycled when possible. We are an environmentally conscious company and we take pride in what we do.

Storm Damage Clean-Up

Sometimes the weather moves fast and we don’t have the time to properly prepare our yard before damage strikes.

We understand just how unnerving storm damage can be to a person and their family. Heavy rain and wind can pack a powerful punch, leaving in its wake substantial destruction.

If your home has been affected by the storm, the Nixxit team can help clean up and haul away any resulting debris. We offer same-day appointments and we are available for any urgent requests.

Nixxit offers free, no-obligation price estimates and our team is licensed and insured, so you can rest easy that your home is in good hands.

How Much Will it Cost For Storm Cleanup?

Nixxit’s cost for storm debris removal and cleanup in the Bay Area includes the labor, hauling, and disposal fees. Our pricing is primarily based on volume, so the price that we give you is based on how many cubic yards of debris we haul and how densely our crew can pack our trucks.

If there is a need to remove extremely heavy items such as dirt, gravel, rocks, concrete, or roofing material, our pricing is based on bed load, not volume. In these types of unique situations, we only stack the items 1ft high due to the extreme weight of these items and truck weight capacity limits.

Do you have storm debris you need to be hauled away? To speak to one of Nixxit’s hauling specialists today, you can reach us at our local number (925) 521-8354 or schedule a pick-up online today!

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