Do Empty Homes Sell Faster? What To Know

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The debate of whether homes sell faster when empty or staged is a long-standing one. There are certainly pros and cons for both methods, but the general opinion is that staged houses are “easier” to sell. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any benefit of cleaning out before listing your property on the market. We’ll […]

How Do You Empty a House After a Death?

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After a person passes away, giving yourself time to mourn is integral to the grieving process. You shouldn’t rush yourself. However, some things can’t wait, and dealing with the home is an essential part of that. It can seem overwhelming when you first consider sorting through an entire house. Grieving is emotionally taxing enough without […]

Do Homes Sell Better Furnished or Unfurnished?

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Selling a home comes with numerous considerations—from its valuation to the property’s overall appearance. One debate that is still very much ongoing is whether it’s best to sell a home furnished or unfurnished and the pros and cons that come with both. Is it better to present an empty house that can look full of […]

Storage Unit Cleanouts 101: Storage Unit Junk Removal

Storage Unit Cleanout Service in Bay Area, CA

Storage units are incredibly useful for those times when you are short on space or are in the process of moving or downsizing.  Unfortunately, they can also turn into abandoned places to store junk that people often never need again. Professional organizer, Julie Naylon, said many people rent units, fill them up with possessions and […]

Here’s the Ultimate Washer and Dryer Guide for Consistently Clean Laundry

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Your washer will struggle to produce spotless, fresh clothes if you don’t clean it. Even worse, neglecting to clean your washer will shorten its lifespan, and you will need the services of a junk removal company. Get the best out of your washer and dryer by cleaning them every six months. If you don’t know […]

Preparing For Your Hoarder Cleanout

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You may be responsible for clearing out a house packed full of things for several reasons. A loved one might pass away, leaving behind all of their belongings in their home. A friend might finally ask for help, hoping for a fresh start. Whatever the case, hoarding clean out is a big job and can […]

Keep Your Stovetop Sparkling Clean: A How-To Stove Cleaning Guide

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There’s no worse task than putting the kitchen sponge through its paces trying to scrub away baked-on grime off your stovetop. Even those “magic” cleaners aren’t always effective at eliminating old food stains and splatters.  However, there are easier methods you can use to clean a stove without breaking a sweat or scratching the surface. […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Appliance Disposal and Recycling in the Bay Area, CA

Appliance Removal and Disposal in the Bay Area, CA

Ready to learn everything you need to know about appliance recycling and disposal in the Bay Area? Keep reading. Appliance Recycling, Disposal, & Pick Up in the Bay Area, CA  If your fridge is on the fritz or it’s time for a brand-new dishwasher or washing machine, you may have come to find that getting […]

How To Master Piano Removal With These Best Piano Removal Tips

Old Junk Piano - Piano Removal and Disposal Service in Bay Area

Here, we will cover how to master your piano removal project and help you decide if hiring a piano removal service or piano disposal is the right solution for you. Guide To Piano Removal In The Bay Area  If you’ve got an old piano in the corner collecting dust, you’ve probably started to look into […]

Estate Cleanouts: Where To Start When Cleaning Out A Loved One’s Home

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The aftermath of a loved one’s death can be harrowing. In addition to processing the grief from the loss, you probably have a long list of to-dos to keep you busy.  Of these to-dos, the estate cleanout is one of the most daunting. Fortunately, you don’t have to walk this path alone. In this post, […]