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How to Find the Right Microwave: A Quick Buyer’s Guide


You might think that buying a new microwave is easy. Just go online or to an appliance store, find one you like, buy it, and boom—you’re all set. Simple, right?

In reality, not so much. You should carefully consider a few different factors before you whip out your wallet and buy the first microwave you see. That’s a rookie move guaranteed to stick you with the wrong type for your needs or the wrong size for your kitchen.

Instead, check out this quick buyer’s guide. It will help you determine which type is best for your microwaving needs and some important considerations to think about before you make a purchase.  

Different Types of Microwaves

When it comes to microwaves, you’re spoiled for choice. There are hundreds of models available to choose from with varying features and settings, suited for any and every microwaving need you can dream up. However, the three most conventional microwave types include:

  • Countertop 
  • Built-In 
  • Above-Range

1. Countertop Microwaves

Countertop microwaves are very popular, and it’s plain to see why. They couldn’t be easier to set up: take it out of the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. They’re also on the lower end of the price scale and perfect for light to moderate use. 

However, keep in mind that you’ll lose precious counter space with this type. Countertop models also tend to be less powerful, and most of them lack the fancier bells and whistles that a higher-end model boasts. But, if you only want to warm up meals here and there or nuke a bag of popcorn on Netflix night, a countertop microwave is the perfect choice. 

2. Built-In Microwaves

Built-in microwaves are available with or without trim to help them seamlessly blend into your existing kitchen décor. Their innovative design allows them to fit anywhere in your kitchen the dimensions will allow, even in a drawer or cabinet. That high versatility is why they’re a popular choice for many families. 

Built-in microwaves are a good buy due to their space-saving design and high convenience. They’re also an excellent investment for those who want a more sophisticated, luxury look for their kitchen. 

However, they’re not as simple as a countertop model. They require installation, and they’re more expensive than some other options. On the bright side, you can’t beat a built-in microwave if you’re looking for some convenience and class in the kitchen. 

3. Above-Range Microwaves

Above-range microwaves are technically built-in, but they’re designed to fit above the stove or range. They’re installed evenly with the surrounding cabinets for an understated, subtle look.

The best benefit of an above-range microwave is the considerable amount of space they save. This type tends to be a bit more expensive, but the extra features and settings most of them have are well worth it. Many models also have a light and fan mounted underneath, similar to a range hood.

The only downside to above-range microwaves besides the higher price tag is that they’re difficult for kids or shorter adults to reach. They also require a moderately complex installation process to ensure they’re placed correctly above the stove. 

Three Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Microwave

The “point-and-buy” technique is just not good enough when it’s time to buy a new microwave. It’s essential to be well informed when making your decision. Think about it: a good microwave should only need replacing every ten years, making it a legitimate investment. 

So, what are the most important considerations when buying a new microwave?

1. Size

When purchasing a microwave, take the size of your family and its needs into account. For instance, big families will inevitably require a large, powerful microwave. Look for one with a high wattage and a wide range of functions and settings. 

However, smaller families might find a countertop model better suited for their needs. You also need to consider the size of the microwave you want to purchase compared to your available counter or cabinet space. If you’re buying a built-in, you’ll need precise dimensions to ensure it fits correctly. 

2. Wattage

The higher the watts, the faster and more evenly the food will cook. Have you ever bit into a microwaved burrito that was burning hot on both ends yet still frozen solid in the middle? If so, you know how crucial it is to have a microwave that heats evenly. 

Lower wattage models are always the most affordable option, but prepare yourself to sacrifice quality and power. Look for 1,000 watts and above for quick, even heating.

3. Price and Features

Microwave pricing varies based on the model, type, and wattage. However, expect to pay anywhere from $50 for lower-end options to $1,000 plus for a model with extravagant upgrades and gourmet settings.

If you only need a microwave to cook a frozen dinner once or twice a week, you probably don’t need a large, luxury model. Consider price and features carefully against your family’s size and microwaving needs.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Services in the Bay Area: Nixxit Junk Removal

Before you buy a new microwave, don’t forget that your old one will need to be disposed of properly. Attempting to remove and dispose of appliances yourself is an expensive hassle and time-consuming, too. That’s where we come in! 

Here at Nixxit Junk Removal, we’re a locally owned company offering full-service junk removal. Whether you want us to haul away your old microwave or you need an entire property cleaned out, we have the skills to handle the job with ease. In fact, we clean out houses, commercial properties, rental properties, offices, or anywhere you want junk removed in the Bay Area quickly, safely, and efficiently. 

We’re proud to be one of the few companies that are a Certified California Green Business. We achieved this honor by providing eco-friendly junk removal services and utilizing sustainable disposal methods. Over 80% of what we take is recycled, and the rest is donated whenever possible to keep it out of landfills and effectively reduce our carbon footprint.

We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including Contra Costa County and Alameda County. When you need fast and affordable junk removal and recycling, all you have to do is pick up the phone or your laptop. Contact us at Nixxit Junk Removal today to schedule a pickup, or head to our website now to book online.

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