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How to Get Rid of Large Trash Items

How to Get Rid of Large Trash Items

We all have junk we want to get rid of, but sometimes that’s tricky, especially with large trash.

Most local and state laws prohibit dumping large items on the sidewalk. And logistics can make your disposal plans more awkward even if you dispose of the waste responsibly.

If you’re worried that your trash is too big, we’ve put together this guide that outlines everything you need to know about getting rid of large trash items.

What’s Considered a Large or Bulky Item?

When you can fit your trash into the trash can or the back of your car or truck, you don’t even think about how you might dispose of it. But when your items are oversized, transport can become an issue. Working out how to get rid of your large junk is one thing, but knowing what counts as large is important, too. That’s because some places don’t take bulky items.

So, to help you out, we’ve outlined what counts as large:

A good rule of thumb is if you can’t carry it, it’s probably categorized as large. That being the case, ensure you’re following all regulations when disposing of these items and not negatively impacting the environment.

Four Ways to Dispose of Large Trash Items

1. Use a Local Scrap Yard

Scrap yards can be so handy when it comes to waste disposal. They’re usually not too far from residential areas and take lots of different types of waste. Most are easy to access in both cars or vans. Taking your large and bulky items to a scrap yard can sometimes be the easiest and quickest option for disposal, so definitely check it out.

That said, some scrap yards have limits on what they will take, especially when it comes to oversized items. Before you make the trip down there, do a little research and confirm they will take the items you have. But, crucially, if they do not accept it, make sure to find other ways. A study in 2018 found that almost 68% of waste is not recycled or composted, and adding to that can be very bad for the environment.

2. Sell Your Junk (Online or Yard Sale)

Did you know the secondhand market is increasing rapidly? In some sectors, like fashion, it may overtake the brand-new market by 2030. While most of that is to do with clothing, second-hand furniture and appliances are on their way up, too. After all, with the cost of living crisis in full swing right now, thrifting can be a welcome alternative to new.

The benefit of selling your large items is you get cash! Selling your items can be a great source of income. Just be sure it’s in working order.

When you can specify buyer pickup only, you won’t need to move from your sofa to get rid of it. Unless you’re selling at a yard sale—then it’s only a few steps out the front door!

3. Donate It

Another option is to donate your items to good causes. Charities or goodwill organizations can then sell them on and use the money they earn to help those in need. It’s a win-win. Get rid of your junk and help others at the same time!

Remember that you can donate only those items in good working order. If your items are no longer in use or are on their last legs, you’ll have to consider other options.

Furniture items are best for this option. Most nonprofits and charities do not accept mattress or appliance donations.

Also, if you’d like to donate, make sure the place you’ve chosen is taking submissions, and don’t put it on the street—you could end up getting fined for illegal dumping.

4. Use a Removal Company

The easiest and quickest way of disposing of your large junk items is by using a removal company. It takes all the stress away from you, and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Removal companies will come to your home, take your items, and dispose of them. Some also recycle them.

You’re also more likely to find a company that removes all your items this way. If you scrap, sell, or donate, you often find they won’t take everything—you’re still left with trash. This way, you can have it all taken off your hands at once.

What’s more, many companies will arrange same-day removal, meaning you won’t be stuck with your trash items for any longer than necessary!

Need to Get Rid of Large Junk? We Can Help.

At Nixxit Junk Removal, we are dedicated to professional and reliable junk removal. We have an environmental commitment and promise eco-friendly and sustainable disposal of your junk.

With our roots in the Bay Area, we are a family-run business passionate about helping our community. Get in touch to learn more about large item removal, including furniture disposal, appliance removal, piano removal, and more. Find out how we can help you with your trash removal!

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