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How To Dispose of an Old Water Heater

How To Dispose of an Old Water Heater 1

Everyone needs hot water for cleaning, cooking, and showers, but this is only possible with a working water heater. Replacing a water heater is a crucial yet overlooked part of home maintenance. Whether you’re replacing it from old age or updating it for efficiency, deciding how to dispose of the old one can be overwhelming.

Learn why disposing of a water heater can be tricky and strategies to help you navigate this process effectively and responsibly.

What Makes Water Heaters Difficult To Dispose Of?

Your first thought for removing an appliance from the home may be to put it on the curb with other trash. But the real solution is more complicated than that. Older water heaters may contain a pilot light sensor that contains mercury, and other major appliances also have this switch. Mercury is considered a hazardous material and is toxic to the environment if exposed to water and air, so landfills often ban mercury-containing items.

The bulkiness of water heaters adds another layer of difficulty. They’re generally large and heavy, requiring extra help and possibly special equipment. Consideration is needed to handle and dispose of large appliances safely.

Understanding how to handle junk removal, like a water heater, requires planning. You must decide the best route to dispose of it– and you have many options.

How to Properly Dispose of a Water Heater in 6 Steps

Donate It

If you’re replacing your old water heater with a more energy-efficient one with a larger tank or being proactive on the life span, your old one might still have some life in it. Contact local charity groups to see if they accept this appliance. Many of these organizations also offer pickup services, making it easier to donate your old appliances to someone who’ll put them to good use.

Recycle It

A local recycling center is another great, eco-friendly option for disposing of the appliance, and it can recycle copper, aluminum, steel, and brass parts. The recycling center will take care of disassembling and handling the hazardous waste, but you’ll have to find a way to haul it to the center. Be sure to call ahead to ensure they accept water heaters.

Scrap It For Parts

If your water heater has stopped working or is leaking or rusting, it doesn’t mean you can’t make some money from it. Look up your heater online to see if it contains copper or brass pieces. Local scrap yards will pay a pretty penny for these metals, and most parts will be aluminum or steel, which can also be worth money. You could also offset the costs of the new water heater by scrapping the parts of the old one.

Sell It

Instead of donating, another option is to sell your unwanted appliance. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Offerup are all online resale platforms where you can sell your items for cash. Choosing to sell it might bring in more money than scrapping it, which can further offset the price of the new one.

Throw It Away

While not recommended, throwing the unit away is an option if donating, recycling, scrapping, or selling is not practical. Your local trash pickup might offer a curb waste pickup. Before putting the appliance on the curb, you should call or visit the website to find out which days they provide this service and if there’s an extra fee.

But, if they do not offer this service, you’ll need to figure out how to haul it away to the landfill. Since water heaters often contain hazardous waste, some landfills will not accept them.

Hire an Appliance Removal Service

The best solution to dispose of a water heater in the Bay Area is to hire a professional appliance removal service, like Nixxit Junk Removal. Many other options are not worth the trouble or are far less practical. Appliances can be bulky and heavy, making them difficult to move independently. If you’re dealing with a water heater, it could also contain hazardous material, adding more stress to the disposal processes.

A professional appliance removal company comes prepared to do the heavy lifting. With companies like Nixxit who prioritize environmental commitments, you can also ensure our experts do their best to keep the appliance out of the landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Considered Old for a Water Heater?

Several factors impact a water heater’s life span—the type of water heater, usage, maintenance upkeep, and water quality. Traditional tank water heaters have an expected lifespan of 10 – 15 years, while tankless ones may last 15 – 20 years. Performing regular maintenance and inspection can help extend its lifetime.

What Can Happen to an Old Water Heater?

There are many signs of an old water heater, and knowing what to look for can help you proactively replace yours. Over time, you will notice corrosion, decreased efficiency, sediment buildup, and thermostat or pressure valve failures. These factors lead to the degradation of components, causing malfunctions and leaks. Regular maintenance is required to stay ahead of these problems.

Need to Get Rid of an Old Water Heater in the Bay Area, CA? We Can Help.

We know replacing an old water heater can be a burden, and disposing of the old one presents even more challenges. These units often contain hazardous waste requiring careful handling, while their weight and bulkiness make solo removal nearly impossible.

Donation or local selling is possible if the appliance is still in good condition. Otherwise, recycling, scraping, or throwing it away might be better. Or you can hire a professional appliance removal company.

We offer hassle-free, straightforward appliance removal in the Bay Area, staffed with pros ready for heavy lifting and disposal. Schedule a pickup online today with Nixxit Junk Removal, your trusted eco-friendly appliance disposal experts.

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