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Why Real Estate Agents Need Junk Removal

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If you’re trying to sell your home, a real estate agent’s small acts can make all the difference. Realtors want to sell a property as fast and as profitably as possible. One of the most underrated ways they can achieve this is through the services of a junk removal company.

Junk removal companies help real estate agents accelerate their sales processes.

In this article, we will explore some of the ways a junk removal company can benefit your realtor’s business.

Why Junk Removal is Needed

Tenants and homeowners alike don’t always leave their property in the most desirable state, says East Bay Management, a property management company in Castro Valley, so making the property appealing to potential buyers is not always easy. The way a house looks can determine how long it is going to remain on the market.

A junk removal company will help to quickly fill a vacant unit. Using a junk removal company will also impact a realtor’s effectiveness and timeliness.

If you’re a realtor, here are the specific ways that junk removal can help you.

1. Value Your Time

Time is one of your most valuable assets. You should use your time to sharpen your skills. Cleaning out of junk from a house is not the best use of your valuable time and abilities.

Junk removal companies give you the peace of mind that the property will be taken care of. As a result, you can face the most critical aspects of your business without worrying about junk removal.

2. Accelerated Process

When selling a property, you want to do so quickly. The earlier a property is listed, the sooner you can find a buyer for it. If property remains unfit to be shown to potential buyers for a long time, it’ll cost you a possible sale.

Junk removal companies improve your effectiveness by accelerating the speed at which a house becomes market-ready. Junk removal companies can get started on their job the day the property becomes vacant, and they can have it ready for showing within a day or so, depending on the severity of the clean-up. Having access to this type of service can help your business in many ways.

3. Comprehensive Cleaning Service

The term “junk removal” can be misleading because it leads people to think that junk removal is just about removing trash. However, junk removal professionals do a lot more than that. They will undertake a variety of jobs that are necessary to make the house market-ready.

Here are some of the tasks they will do:

  • They will haul away old couches and broken-down freezers.

  • They will clear away piles of leaves from the yard, haul away tree branches, and swing sets.

  • They will dismantle and remove old hot tubs and sheds.

  • They will remove any construction debris from the property.

These professionals will clean and maintain both the interior and the exterior of your home to make it ready for viewing.

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4. You will Save Money

Using professional junk removal will save you money by preventing unnecessary damage. When unlicensed non-professional junk removers clean a property, they’ll likely cause damages that will require repairing. Such damages can include nicks on door edges, scuff marks on walls and scratches on the floor.

On the other hand, professional junk removers have years of experience under their belt and know how to get your property in the best shape without causing damages. They are also able to prepare the house in ways that an amateur could never do.

5. Better Property Marketing

By making the property appealing on the inside and outside, a junk removal company improves your marketing. The unit will look much nicer in pictures and it’ll have a greater curb appeal. This is important because a buyer’s first impression of a property can make or break your marketing efforts.

Junk removal companies will also help you put your best foot forward every time. They are valuable partners who will make your marketing more effective.

6. More Selling Points and Improved Sales Price

A house that is full of clutter is harder to sell because potential buyers will focus on the trash. However, a house that has been cleared of debris is easier to market because its selling points are more apparent. Also, buyers prefer properties which do not require additional work such as decluttering a trash-filled room.

Additionally, a property that has been professionally cleared of junk means you can ask for a higher sales price. Not to mention, potential buyers will be more likely to pay this price because they clearly see the assets of the property and know there is no further work to be done before they move in.

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In a Nutshell

Realtors who want to appear more professional and enhance their sales process have everything to gain by working with professional junk removal companies. If you’re a realtor, professional junk removal companies will help you sell your property quicker and more efficiently.

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