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Certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
Certified Bay Area Green Business
Small Business Locally Owned & Operated

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The Nixxit Moving Checklist for Bay Area Homes + Free Printable Moving Kit

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Move your belongings to your new address with ease by following the Nixxit Moving Checklist for Bay Area homes! Relocating can create significant upheaval in your life — our moving checklist and FREE moving kit printable will help you organize your upcoming move seamlessly. Discover how to make the transition to your new home as hassle-free as possible.

Certified Bay Area Green Business

Nixxit is a small, locally owned, full-service junk removal company for homeowners in the Bay Area. A woman-owned small business, Nixxit helps you free up storage space, dispose of old appliances or furniture, and rid yourself of unwanted junk.

We offer friendly customer service and affordable haul-away prices. No matter the size of the job, we can take it on. We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation as a certified California Green Business junk removal company.

Our eco-friendly practices ensure your junk does not cause harm to the environment.

The Moving Checklist You Need

The Nixxit Moving Checklist helps plan your move. We’ve organized our tips by the weeks leading up to moving day.

Scroll to the end of the post for our free printable moving checklist!

8 Weeks Before Moving – Planning the Move

Eight weeks before moving day, we recommend scheduling several in-home estimates with reputable moving companies. Some other tasks that you can complete during this period include: 

  1. Plan your moving expense budget
  2. Prepare a plan for the weeks leading up to your move
  3. Book a licensed and insured moving company and select the day for your move
    1. Research moving companies and read through each company’s terms
    2. Check the Department of Transportation (DOT) number of your chosen moving company
  4. Ask for time off from your job for moving day
  5. Organize a yard sale and donate anything you don’t sell

6 Weeks Before Moving – Packing Prep


Six weeks before moving day, you should organize your possessions and take care of any loose ends at your current residence. To start ramping up your move, you should:

  1. Go box hunting! Find discarded boxes from stores or purchase boxes. You can even try to find used boxes on your local Buy Nothing and Freecycle Facebook groups. 
  2. Start packing items you won’t use for the next six weeks (seasonal clothing, infrequently used appliances, etc.)
  3. Label packed boxes clearly according to their contents (especially fragile contents)
  4. Create a list of valuables before you load them onto the moving truck
  5. Store flat-pack furniture in labeled boxes or bags to make reassembly easier
  6. Double-check for any moving day requirements at your new residence. For example, if moving into an apartment, some properties may require your hired moving company to show proof of insurance.
  7. Measure doorways, elevators, and stairways at your new home to see if your furniture will fit

4 Weeks Before Moving – Updating Your Address


One month before you move, gather all of the documents you need to take possession of your new home and update your address everywhere. Some of the things you should do four weeks before moving include: 

  1. Set up mail forwarding to receive mail at your new address
  2. Cancel any unnecessary services at your current address
  3. Inform your employer and your children’s school(s) of your new address
  4. Update your address on your credit cards, student loans, and other creditors
  5. Update your address with insurers (medical, dental, vision, renter’s)
  6. Update your voter registration information for you and your family members
  7. Transfer or cancel your gym membership and other subscriptions or memberships
  8. Collect your identification, medical, and financial documents and keep them together
  9. Consider buying moving insurance for all of your possessions
  10. Plan the route and book hotels if embarking on a long-distance move

2 Weeks Before Moving – Packing and Setting up Services at Your New Home


Two weeks before moving day, you should dedicate at least one full week to packing. Any preparations you make during this period will make the moving process easier. Some of the other tasks that you can complete to ensure a comfortable move include: 

  1. Pack items you won’t use for the next two weeks
  2. Donate or sell any remaining items you don’t want to take with you
  3. Set up utilities, recycling, and trash removal at your new address
  4. Create a list of emergency service providers in your new neighborhood
  5. Plan for the safety of your pets during the move
  6. Schedule cable and internet installation appointments at your new home
  7. Share your new address with friends and family (and plan a going-away party to say your goodbyes!)

Moving Week – Packing and Cleaning Out Your Home

Cleaning Home

All of the preparations you made have brought you to the final week at your current address. Finish packing, organize your possessions, and clean out your old home. You can also:

  1. Finish up packing furniture, clothing, and other items
  2. Pack essentials separately that you will want to use within the first 24 hours at your new address
  3. Pack nonperishable pantry essentials and/or donate any unopened food
  4. Schedule a pickup with a junk removal service for any large items you don’t want to move
  5. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for moving day and plan accordingly
  6. Confirm the final walkthrough process with your landlord (if renting)
  7. Clean your home for the next occupant
  8. Take care of minor repairs around the house
  9. Defrost your freezer and fridge the night before you move

Moving Day – The Big Day


Start as early as possible because it will give you more time to unpack and settle in at your new address. Share your cell phone number with the movers for easy communication. While you let the movers handle the heavy lifting, get started setting up your new home by:

  1. Make sure the movers have a clear entry path to move furniture into your new home
  2. Consider securing your pets so that the movers can travel freely in and out of your new space
  3. Locate your packed essentials and make your bed for the first time — moving day is tiring, and once the movers are done, you’ll want a comfy place to relax
  4. Drop by the grocery store to pick up food items for the coming days
  5. Review your list of packed valuables to ensure that everything made it to the new home
  6. Enjoy your new home!

The Best Bay Area Junk Removal Service

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At Nixxit, we dispose of junk in an eco-friendly manner by rehoming, recycling, or donating whenever possible. Hire our team of junk removers and find out why locals consider us the leading junk removal company in the Bay Area.

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Free Printable Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist Printable

This Free Printable Moving Checklist has everything you need to help organize your move!

Click the Moving Checklist image ABOVE to download the moving checklist or download HERE.

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