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How To Stop Enabling a Hoarder

How To Stop Enabling a Hoarder 1 1

Hoarding is an incredibly frustrating practice to contend with in your family or manage second-hand. There are plenty of predictable and natural human responses to hoarding, but these can often make the issue worse.

Understanding hoarding is essential to offering practical support while avoiding inadvertently enabling a hoarder and reinforcing their stereotype.

Understanding Hoarding and Enabling

Enabling behaviors encourage hoarding or discourage a hoarder from taking steps to manage the problem.

These behaviors are often unintentional, like adding to the hoard by gift-giving. They can also be misinformed if an individual avoids discussing the issue or downplaying its gravity. To provide support and actively stop enabling a hoarder, you’ll need to educate yourself.

Hoarding differs from clutter, so resist the temptation to engage a compulsive declutterer – it won’t help.

Hoarding is linked to several mental health problems. Take a masterclassto understand what you’re dealing with from the get-go.

Find a Place to Start

With any tricky situation, the most challenging point is often at the beginning. An excellent place to start helping a hoarder is to find something they enjoy doing in their home but cannot do currently.

It could be something as simple as baking a cake or having space to engage in a hobby or craft activity. Find something relevant to them to help engage their desire to tackle the issue.

Communicating Openly and Respectfully

Talk to the hoarder in a low-key, respectful, and non-confrontational manner. Always position yourself as someone who cares about them and their well-being. Engender an environment where that person feels they can open up and share their concerns.

Don’t Judge or Criticize

Nobody likes criticism or judgment over personal and sore matters. These feelings can result in defensive behavior or even a communication breakdown altogether. Keep commentary neutral and set in a landscape of care and concern.

Establish Boundaries and Stick to Them

Now is the time to make it clear to your family member or friend that you won’t judge or criticize them during a conversation about hoarding. But establishing boundaries also means you can set some fair ground rules.

Be explicit about behaviors you won’t accept and the type of help you’re prepared to provide, and then remain consistent. A fair framework fosters trust and encourages a two-way process.

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Collaborate to Find Solutions

See if you can work together to find simple and practical solutions to clutter. Finding a new home for items palatable to the hoarder, like a charity or good cause, may make it easier if they believe someone else needs them.

Some professional people specialize in managing hoarding situations. They help identify clutter vs. hoarding and establish how bad the hoarding is. They’ll also suggest helpful and practical ways to approach the problem.

Signpost Professional Help

You can encourage your hoarder to consider third-party interventions like counseling or therapy. Sometimes, talking to an unconnected stranger is easier than talking to someone you know, while a trained professional can actively assist with supportive techniques.

Offer Emotional Support

Hoarders are often isolated by their behaviors and might have few people they can confide in who don’t judge or condemn them. Making yourself available, demonstrating that you’re there to listen and understand their struggles, is crucial. Remember, offering simple reassurance and moral support can go a long way.

Support Yourself

Supporting a hoarder is no easy task – remember, there may be an underlying mental condition driving this behavior. Take time to develop your own ways to cope emotionally, as you’ll be a better supporter if you handle your own personal requirements.

Find guidance and advice, such as online resources related to the topic. Join a group of like-minded people currently dealing with or have experience managing a hoarding problem.

Celebrate Even the Smallest Success

Acknowledge and praise even the tiniest step in the right direction; positive reinforcement is hugely influential and sows the seeds of change.

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Hoarding is a problem that impacts family, friends, and the wider community. It has enormous practical implications as well as being a red flag for some serious mental or psychological issues.

Persuading a hoarder to let go of belongings is one obstacle, but tackling the junk is quite another. Expert, professional support can help you handle a delicate situation empathetically and practically to make more progress than you could hope to achieve alone.

Get in touch by selecting your location below and giving us a call, an industry professional providing an expert hoarder clearing and cleanup service in the Bay area. There’s no hoarding nightmare we can’t help tackle.

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