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How to Get Rid of a Commercial Refrigerator

How to Get Rid of a Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are great when they are working and a disaster when they fail.

Whether your appliance has stopped working or runs efficiently longer, it’s time to get rid of the old, clunky appliance.

However, you can’t just put it out by the dumpster. You have to remove your fridge responsibly to prevent negative environmental impact or safety hazards.

Getting rid of your commercial refrigerator doesn’t have to be complicated. We show you five easy ways to do it.

Why Is Disposing of a Commercial Fridge the Right Way Important?

Commercial refrigerators and freezers contain oils, gases, refrigerants, and other compounds. As such federal law regulates their disposal and has serious fines for improper disposal. It’s not just the cost and potential legalities that matter, though. Here’s why you should dispose of your fridge properly:

The Environment

As mentioned, a commercial refrigerator contains oils and gases that are hazardous to the environment. The chemicals pose various dangers to the environment if not correctly disposed of, such as:

  • Oil: Coils from the cooling circuits of a refrigerator have harmful ozone-depleting substances, which act as greenhouse gases.
  • Mercury: Many fridges have internal components like switches and relays that contain mercury. If released into the environment and consumed by plants, animals, or people, it can damage their neurological systems.

Recycling is a better option for reducing the environmental impact. An old fridge may consist of up to 120 pounds of recyclable steel, which processing centers can reuse to build new refrigerators.

Other materials from your refrigerator are useful to manufacturers, such as plastic, copper, and glass. Recycling programs often capture the foam insulation in the fridge doors for environmental benefits.

The Safety of Others

As mentioned, a refrigerator contains toxic chemicals like oils and refrigerants that are highly dangerous and flammable.

Many of these materials, like glass, metal, and plastic, take several hundred years to biodegrade.

For example, contaminated oil from ozone-depleting substances can leach into groundwater supplies, which increases the risk of cancer and other high-risk illnesses to the reproductive and immune systems.

When left out in public, they can be a safety hazard to the people and animals around them.

How Do I Get Rid of an Old Commercial Refrigerator?

When it comes to getting rid of an old commercial refrigerator, there are plenty of options:

Bulk Trash Pickup Day

Depending on where you live, some removal services offer professional bulk pickup, such as commercial refrigerator removal. Sometimes, city or governmental services provide free bulk trash removals every month.

You’ll need to transport the fridge to the bulk pickup location. Make sure to research the requirements or limitations of these services in your area.

Drop Off at a Recycling Center

Recycling centers allow you to drop off your old commercial refrigerator as long as it’s in good working order. Look for centers that abide by the Responsible Appliance Disposal program under the Environmental Protection Program Agency.

The downside to this option is you’ll need a big enough vehicle, like a truck or van, to transport your fridge to a recycling center nearby.

Sell to a Scrapyard

Old appliances like commercial refrigerators have recyclable metal parts that you can sell to a scrapyard. These scrapyard recyclers take into these reusable parts to sell to manufacturers.

If you can transport your fridge on your own, you can see whether the scrapyard companies will take it. It’s a great way to earn extra money and get rid of your old junk. However, it’s only a viable option if it’s in good working condition.

Trade It In to a Manufacturer or Retailer

Many appliance manufacturers or retailers may accept or buy back your old refrigerator through their company trade-in program, similar to trading in a vehicle. They might haul your fridge, recycle it or refurbish it for resale.

Generally, companies may do this if you’ve purchased a refrigerator through their store. Make sure to research or contact them for information about their trade-in program. Perhaps they have specific conditions needed to be met or may charge a fee for pickup.

Call a Junk Removal Service

Eco-friendly junk removal services like Nixxit Junk Removal will take your unusable commercial refrigerators for proper recycling and disposal.

The best removal companies can pick up your old appliance at a time convenient for your business. If possible, they’ll donate your fridge to local organizations and charities.

Disposing of an Old Commercial Fridge? We Can Help.

When disposing of your fridge, it’s vital to get rid of your junk properly. Make sure that whichever removal method you choose, you’re hauling your refrigerator to someone with eco-friendly disposal practicals.

Nixxit Junk Removal is an affordable and safe alternative for commercial fridge removal. Our local haulers handle single refrigerators or bulk appliance disposal jobs. If you’re looking to get rid of any old, clunky commercial fridge, call Nixxit for local refrigerator removal and disposal. Book your disposal today and enjoy the convenient no-hassle removal service.

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