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How To Dispose of a Mirror

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Let’s bust a myth. Mirrors cannot be recycled, as their glass is coated with a reflective material. Whatever condition your mirror’s in, you’ll need to be able to transport it safely to its new home, even if that’s the junk depot.

Find out how to dispose of an unwanted mirror with our step-by-step guide.

What You’ll Need

Even smaller mirrors are surprisingly heavy and awkward, making them easy to drop. Consider a professional disposal service if your location is difficult or the glass is large and heavy.

Some suggest breaking large mirrors into smaller sections, but this brings all sorts of hazards. Proper junk disposal companies have their own tried and trusted methods to lift out even the largest of mirrors.

Because of the risk of damage from broken or splintered glass, it’s essential to take proper safety precautions to avoid injury.

Old mirrors can degrade or become loose in their frame, which is sometimes only apparent once you take them off the wall, and it’s super easy to break them as you move them.

Thick, protective gloves are essential, especially with glass that is already cracked and damaged. You’ll also need newspaper, caution tape, and a sturdy bag.

Wrap The Mirror

Wrap the mirror in paper; old newspaper will do just fine. Bubble wrap is an excellent way to encase the glass and is much more protective against cuts if it breaks.

Secure With Caution Tape

Sealing up the wrapped mirror with tape helps secure the contents, especially if you have used paper. Caution tape is better than plain parcel or sticky tape because it’ll alert someone to what’s inside, keeping glass handlers safe.

Bag Up the Mirror

Place the mirror in a sturdy bag. The best type to use is thick, heavy-duty plastic or canvas. If it’s too large for the bag to carry conventionally, tape it shut so the mirror won’t fall out in transit. Stiff cardboard sheets or a box are other options, especially if the mirror is small.

The Final Destination

Mirrors in good condition without discoloration, cracks, or chips can have a new lease of life in preloved vintage shops and markets. They’re also much-desired on online marketplaces like Etsy and Craigslist.

This is one of the best ways to get rid of old junk – junk to you, desirable objects to someone else but it does take time. You can also consider upcycling. Broken mirrors are great for craft projects, and old mirrors can provide a fun message board using chalkboard paints.

If you want to support local charities or causes, find one with a furniture or retail outlet. Junk disposal companies often have links with local organizations or national/international charities like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Pickup Please.

However, not all junk companies are made equal, so conduct proper research before paying for a collection service. Professional junk removal is also a great way to get rid of bulky items of furniture, which can pose a major headache.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Throw Out an Old Mirror?

Wrap the mirror securely with paper or bubble wrap and then tape it so the glass doesn’t become loose if it gets chipped or cracked. Place the mirror in a bag for easy transit –tough plastic or canvas will protect against accidents. Put the mirror in your household trash or take it to a garbage dump if it’s too big.

How Do You Get Rid of a Large Mirror?

Large mirrors are heavy and, depending on their style and shape, can be awkward to move. Some people suggest breaking a large mirror up into smaller sections to dispose of, but this is hazardous. Professional junk disposal is the safest way to dispose of a large mirror.

How Do You Dispose of Unbroken Mirrors?

If the mirror doesn’t fit your new décor plans, see if a friend or family member might like it. Otherwise, there are plenty of in-store and online outlets, and if it’s an interesting or unusual design, it might be worth more than you think. Remember, you can also donate to charity shops and local furniture projects.

Need to Get Rid of an Old Mirror in the Bay Area, CA? We Can Help.

Old mirrors can be tricky to dispose of. Perhaps you’d prefer not to sell or donate your old unused mirror, as you don’t want to transport the item and risk breaking it or causing injury.

Nixxit Junk Removal can handle and remove mirrors professionally to ensure no breakage or accidents. You can also choose where you want the mirror to go.

At Nixxit Junk Removal, we partner with various charities and organizations that can reuse, repurpose, or recycle your unwanted mirror. If there’s a good home for your old mirror, you can be sure we’ll find it.

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