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How Property Managers Benefit From Junk Removal Services

How Property Managers Benefit From Junk Removal Services

If you’re running a busy property portfolio, being able to delegate specific tasks is essential. There are some you won’t want to let go of, but clearing out junk after a tenant has left is not one of them.

Clearing a property quickly, ready for a deep clean and any repairs, is essential so it doesn’t lie empty without rental income.

In this essential guide for property managers, learn how junk removal services could lighten your load and save you time and money.

What Should Property Managers Do When a Tenant Leaves Behind Property?

Dealing with tenant property left behind after a tenant exits is a real burden for any property manager. You must follow due process and the laws of the state.

The lease agreement should set out what’s expected of the tenant when they leave: vacating the property of all their furniture and possessions. However, some leases are silent, and the tenant may disregard the contract provisions regardless.

Start by making an inventory, remove the goods, and store them. Provide written notice to the tenant with an itemized list of their belongings and a hard deadline for them to claim their property.

Take photos of the goods in their current condition to protect yourself from damage claims later on.

If you haven’t returned the items after a certain period, you can keep, donate, sell, or dump them. However, this all takes time and may cost money in terms of storage fees and disposal costs. Keep a record of any expenses.

Why a tenant leaves the property gives a clue about what a property manager might do with their abandoned goods.

If the tenant gives notice and leaves the property or the lease has ended naturally, then a property manager has more freedom and flexibility in managing abandoned goods.

The same applies if the tenant leaves after service of a termination notice and due legal process has been followed.

If the tenant leaves because of eviction, a property manager may have a right to sell abandoned items to recover unpaid rent. Separate rules apply to evictions, particularly if law enforcement agencies are involved.

If the tenant disappears, they still retain the right to the goods left behind on the property. A property manager cannot usually withhold access to their possessions to get them to pay rent.

The items the tenant leaves behind might suggest what should happen next. If the tenant has left perishable items like food or general household debris, then this can clearly be disposed of.

The tenant may have added fixtures, like coat hooks, light fittings, or bookshelves. If the tenant has not removed these and they appear permanent, they become additions to the property, and you don’t have to return them.

If the lease agreement is silent on the removal of fixtures, then you can decide whether to leave them in situ or remove them. If they don’t enhance the décor, a property manager can use the security deposit to cover the removal cost.

A tenant’s car is likely subject to different laws, which vary by state. Property managers should speak to their local police department on their non-emergency number, or there is online guidance from the CA Department of Motor Vehicles.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Junk Removal Service?

Saving Time

Properties with junk and trash left behind by the previous occupant are a regular part of a property manager’s life. All property managers have a busy schedule, and there’s always something more important to do than clear up someone else’s junk.

Hiring a property cleanout service to come in at the end of a tenancy means that a messy house or apartment is just one less thing you must worry about, and you can concentrate on more important tasks.

Maximizing Rental Income

Getting a property clear of junk means it can be cleaned and turned around, ready for rental again, double quick. Properties left empty because of a mountain of junk cost money rather than earning it.

No Need to Worry About Disposal

Even if there’s not much junk left in a property, certain things like e-waste can be problematic to dispose of, meaning you’ve got to sort through all the different items and find the right disposal point – all time out of your day.

With a junk removal service, you don’t have to worry about the different classifications of items to dispose of; it’s all taken care of for you.

Junk removers sort through all the different items and split them into donations, recycling, and landfills so you can sleep easy with a clean environmental conscience.

Junk removers can also identify saleable items to get some return on your costs.

Need Help with Junk Removal in the Bay Area, CA?

Nixxit Junk Removal can help with your junk removal needs in the Bay Area.

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Less Stress

A busy portfolio keeps a property manager pretty much fully occupied. There’s advertising, screening new tenants, organizing repairs and maintenance, as well as mitigating unexpected problems.

Let junk removal services handle an unpleasant task you can safely delegate, lightening the load and reducing stress levels.

Types of Property Cleanouts Nixxit Can Help With in the Bay Area, CA

Eviction Cleanouts

Unfortunately, if you need to serve notice to evict a tenant, most property managers know there can be a real sting in the tail when the tenant finally leaves. The property will likely not be left in a good state.

Chances are you’ll find bits of clothing, old food, furniture, and trash everywhere. Let’s face it: your tenant has no incentive to leave the place clean and tidy.

Junk removers will work through the entire property, including the attic, garage, and outbuildings, and clear what could have taken you several days in just a few hours.

Property Renovations

Junk removers can clear apartments and houses ready for renovation and then return to clear construction debris, including rubble, plaster, and old wood from windows, doors, floorboards, and nails and screws.

Junk removers can also clear redundant furniture and scrap fittings from kitchens and bathrooms.

With large-scale renovations, the construction firm usually removes building debris. However, smaller projects, such as converting a house into apartments, which the property owner may undertake, need a clear site before work can start.

Tenant or Condo Owner Renovations

Some Homeowner’s Associations allow condo owners or tenants to do their own renovations. Using a professional junk removal service is efficient, much less intrusive for other people in the building, and removes mess quickly.

Property managers can be assured that debris and junk aren’t left on the property for long periods, won’t cause a hazard to other occupants, or breach health and safety regulations in communal areas.

Upgrading Undervalued Properties

Buying a property in poor condition with the intention of renovating it and then leasing it out is an excellent way to bag a bargain and add to a property portfolio.

Many of these properties aren’t vacant of the previous occupant’s possessions, and in some cases, that can include a resident bug population.

Junk removal services can clear these buildings quickly and efficiently, ready for renovation and repair.

College Students

College students have some of the worst reputations when it comes to renting property. It’s usually their first time living away from home, so property damage is commonplace, as are unwanted belongings that don’t go with them when they leave.

A junk removal company can clear a multi-occupancy house in under a day, allowing time for a deep clean and any repairs before the next students arrive.


It’s hard to spot a hoarder when they come to rent a property, but you’ll know all about it when it’s time for them to move out or you have to evict them.

Clearing out a hoarder is one of the most challenging and unpleasant processes and is always best handled by specialist junk removal services.

Need Help With Property Cleanouts in the Bay Area, CA? We Can Help.

Are you a busy property manager? Let us help clear out the junk left behind when your tenants vacate. We offer complete property clearances, including garages and outbuildings, on a regular or on-demand basis. Our service is professional and economical, and you can rely on us to do all the heavy lifting and transportation with our friendly and straightforward service.

Worried about your green credentials? Don’t worry—Nixxit is a Certified Bay Area Green Business. Confirm your location below and give us a call or schedule your property management cleanout online today. We’re the experts at clearing up after tenants!

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