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Purchasing a Futon: Your Buyer’s Guide and Checklist

Purchasing a Futon Your Buyers Guide and Checklist

When you hear the word futon, you’re probably thinking of that old grungy thing your roommate used to sleep on in college. However, futons have come a long way from being only acceptable for basements or man caves. Now, they’re an attractive choice for any bedroom, living room, den, or guest room and provide unmatched versatility combined with a modern style.

If you’re in the market for a new futon, the first step is to get rid of your old bed, sofa, or whatever piece of furniture you’re replacing. Getting rid of old furniture can be a hassle, but not when you choose Nixxit Junk Removal.

We’re a locally owned, full-service junk removal company serving the San Francisco Bay Area, and we can easily remove an old futon, bed, or couch for you. Call us at 925-521-8354 to schedule a pickup or book an appointment online.

How Do You Plan on Using Your Futon?

Once you’ve successfully gotten rid of your old futon, it’s time for a new one. The first consideration is your needs: Will you use the futon primarily for sitting, with only the occasional overnight guest? Or are you going to use it as a bed most of the time?

Answering those types of questions helps you decide the kind of frame, mattress, and cover you’ll need. For example, if you plan on using your futon as a bed every night, then a good choice would be a metal frame with rollers for easy conversion. Also, keep these additional considerations in mind before you invest:

  •     Storage
  •     Comfort
  •     Quality
  •     Aesthetic
  •     Price

Essential Considerations When Purchasing a Futon

Purchasing a Futon Your Buyers Guide and Checklist 2

A futon consists of three main components: the frame, the mattress, and the cover.

Frame Types

The frame provides the primary support and also contains the folding mechanism. Most futons fall into two different categories: bi-fold and tri-fold.


Bi-fold futons are the most common style and have arms and legs similar to a couch. The frame only moves to accommodate one fold, which is right down the middle. Generally, bi-fold frames come in queen, full, or twin (sometimes smaller) and a range of different styles:

Slider: The slider style has a roller system that allows for smooth and easy operation. Most slider futons have a metal frame.

Loveseat: Loveseat futons are ideal for small spaces since they’re smaller than a traditional futon. They look like a lounging chair that lays down flat to form the bed.

Wall-Hugger: Wall-hugger frames pull out and away from the wall when they fold down, eliminating the need to move the futon every time you want to change it into a bed.

Armless: The primary advantage to this style is its lack of arms. Since it’s armless, it’s more comfortable as a bed because there’s no exposed metal or wood to bump into when you’re sleeping.

Bunk Beds: Bunk bed futons feature an innovative design, with one on top of the other. Many people choose this style for their kid’s room, as it’s the perfect space saver.


Tri-fold futons feature two folds in the mattress and are not as common as bi-folds, even though they came onto the market first. Generally, tri-folds either sit directly on the floor or have legs for support. Most require a thinner mattress to accommodate the two folds.

Frame Materials

Futons have an exposed frame that makes up a good portion of the overall aesthetic. That’s why picking a frame material is a crucial part of the buying process. Essentially, you’ve got two choices: metal or wood.  


Metal futons are the least expensive and come in a wide range of styles and finishes. Many people prefer a metal frame because they’re durable yet still lightweight and portable. If you have kids or pets, a metal frame is probably the best choice. In addition, some people find them easier to convert than a wooden frame.


A wooden frame is usually more expensive than metal, but it’s still not going to cost anywhere near the price of a brand-new bed or sofa. Wood is a popular choice because it has a classic look and a warm finish that’s versatile and fits virtually any décor.


Before choosing a mattress, figure out whether you’ll be doing more sitting or sleeping on your new futon. For example, if your new futon will function primarily as a sofa, you can probably get away with spending less money on a thinner mattress. Fortunately, you’ve got a ton of options:

Cotton: Cotton is breathable, inexpensive, and easily recycled. It also has unique sleeping benefits.  

Polyester: Many people choose polyester because it’s inexpensive, soft, and hypoallergenic. It makes for a soft mattress that won’t be firm or dense-feeling.

Wool: Wool is warmer and more expensive, but it’s also very durable.  

Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses have the most bed-like bounce and are very comfortable.   

Foam: Foam mattresses can be either synthetic or natural. They make great choices for a futon mattress because the nature of the material allows for easy folding.


Futons (just like sofas and beds) take a lot of abuse such as spills, stains, wear and tear, and other damage. So, if you’re going to invest in a futon, you should also get a cover that you can just slip off and throw in the washer if it gets dirty. For example, families with kids or pets will benefit from a waterproof cover.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Futon

After you’ve considered every factor, you’re ready to make a purchase. The next step is to clean your apartment or house by removing any old furniture or junk. When you need help with a house cleanout in the Bay Area, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call here at Nixxit Junk Removal.

We’re proud to be a Certified California Green Business offering eco-friendly junk removal, and we donate the great majority of what we haul away. No matter what kind of junk removal you need, we handle it all, from small pickups to entire property cleanouts. Call the professionals at Nixxit Junk Removal at 925-521-8354 to schedule a pickup or book online today.

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