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20 Things You Should Purge Before Moving: A Complete Guide

20 Things You Should Purge Before Moving

Moving into a new place can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Most of that stress comes from having to move all of your stuff over to your new space.

In these situations, you have to ask yourself: Do you actually need all of it? The answer is no; you probably don’t.

However, knowing which stuff you need to bring with you isn’t always obvious. Luckily, we’re here to help you out!

This guide will take you through twenty things you can purge before your big move. Many may seem obvious, but others we’re sure you may have forgotten about or put off until later. Either way, this purge is going to be therapeutic.

Keep reading if you want your big move to feel like a new beginning instead of a chore.


What Should I Purge Before Moving?

Below, you’ll find all the items you can get rid of, broken down by each room in the house.




Unused Appliances

Whether it’s a fancy blender or an extravagant coffee machine, appliances that never get used aren’t worth hanging onto indefinitely. You probably bought them with good intentions, or maybe they were genuinely exciting for the first few months, but now they just sit unused.

Don’t collect useless appliances—send them on their way.


Pointless Utensils

Similarly to unused appliances, these utensils don’t serve any purpose other than taking up precious drawer space. If you haven’t used it in the past year or can’t remember what it’s supposed to do, add it to the purge pile.


Expired Food

We aren’t talking about moldy food in your cupboards here (it should be second nature to purge that). We’re talking about canned goods.

It is so easy to forget to check the date on those things. They’re canned; they’ll last forever, right? Nope. They’ve likely reached the end of their edible days. Make sure to check and remove whatever has expired.


Old Pots and Pans

Moving into a new place is an exciting time. It feels fresh and new, and a whole new set of pots and pans can expand on that feeling.

It’s easy to forget to replace pots and pans because they are durable. Do you remember the last time you replaced yours? Use moving as a good excuse to do so!




Old Towels

Just like old pots and pans, towels seem pretty invincible. Unless they are falling apart, replacing them may not seem like a priority. Use your move as an opportunity to treat yourself to some new, soft towels, and throw the rest away.


Shampoo and Conditioner

Take the opportunity to use up whatever you have left from the remaining bottles and then toss them away. You don’t need to take them with you during the move. They will only take up valuable space that you could use for more precious items.



Do you remember when you first purchased your bathmat? It’s probably been a while. Purchasing new ones can give your new bathroom that fresh feeling, especially if you get some new towels as well.

Why not make the most of your new space? Throw the old bathmats away and have your very own spa day.


Cleaning Supplies

If you haven’t replaced your cleaning supplies (including tools like a brush or a mop!) in a while, it’s probably time to do so. Moving into a fresh new place is a great thing. Brand-new cleaning supplies will help keep that freshness around for much longer.


Living Room


Old Furniture

Hanging onto quality furniture is a great idea, but you don’t need to hold onto everything. Refurnishing a new place is an expensive undertaking, so we understand that if you want to hang onto some things.

However, other pieces will almost certainly have their best days behind them. Cut them loose.


DVDs and CDs

Does anyone still use physical discs these days? If you do, we salute you, but you’re likely in the minority.

The advent of streaming services is upon us, making most of the discs you have lying around totally redundant. Don’t hold onto them for no reason. If they don’t possess sentimental value, purge!


Wall Art

Only if you no longer like it! But don’t just hang onto it for no good reason, especially if you’re moving. Spice things up a little with a new piece!

Part of the joy of moving into somewhere new is the feeling of a new beginning. Replacing your old art with newer stuff can enhance that vibe.



That stack of magazines might make your coffee table look a little more interesting, but if they are all from 2007, they’ll probably just look like a mess. Old magazines notoriously stack up in living spaces, but no one’s reading them anymore. Recycle them and move on.




Old Clothes

Throwing away old clothes can be a real challenge, especially if they have memories attached to them. It can also be difficult if you’ve sworn that you’ll fit into them again after your diet. You don’t need that kind of pressure in your life.

If it isn’t an intensely sentimental piece, and you haven’t worn it in the past year, there’s no reason to hang onto it.


Jewelry You Don’t Wear

Just like clothing, jewelry can pile up pretty quickly. How much of it do you wear? How much of it is worth something?

Jewelry doesn’t take up too much space, but it can still take up room unnecessarily. If you don’t think you will wear it again, move it on to another loving owner.



Nothing says a fresh new start like a fresh set of sheets. If you have the money to do so, buy new bedsheets for all of your bedrooms.

Sleeping in them for the first time will feel like magic. Also, replacing your bedsheets every few years is just a good habit.


Excess Hangers

Hoarding hangers is a habit any enthusiastic clothes shopper can fall into, but there’s a line you need to draw.

If you have an abundance of hangers taking up closet space that haven’t hung anything in years, get rid of them!




Sports Equipment

It has sat unused for years. Every time you look at it, you think, I should start playing again.

We aren’t saying you’re lying to yourself, but we are asking that you take a moment to be a bit more realistic. Are you actually going to use it again? Or is it just taking up space?

Only you know the answer. This mental exercise will either encourage you to start up a sport again or give you some basement space back. Either way, there’s a positive!


Stuff You Forgot About

Let’s face it, the basement/garage is where all the lost things go. Instead of dealing with stuff over the years, you decided it would be easier to toss it aside. You’re right. It is easier—until you’re moving.

If you start finding more and more stuff that you forgot you ever owned, it’s a sign to let it go. After all, you’ve lasted this long without it all!


Tools You Never Use

You probably bought them with noble intentions, or maybe they served a purpose when you were fixing up your house back in the day. However, now all they do is gather dust.

Don’t bother hanging onto them if you have any suspicion that you will never use the tools again. They served their purpose already, so free up the space.


Old Appliances

Last but not least, that modest collection of old appliances needs to go. You put them in your garage/basement because you weren’t sure what else to do with them, and they’ve lived there ever since. We’re sure that dishwasher served you well all those years ago, but it’s time to let go.


What Are the Most Important Purging Criteria?

So, now you know what you should be purging, how do you decide which items need to go? There are three easy questions you can ask yourself to decide whether an item should go in the keep or toss pile.


Do I Have Enough Room?

This question doesn’t just apply to oversized items like appliances or pieces of furniture. Everything takes up space, right down to the most miniature items. Consider if you are willing to sacrifice that space for this specific item. Is it really worth it?

Holding onto things unnecessarily is incredibly common and almost customary, but you can break that cycle at any point.


Is It Necessary?

What purpose does this item serve? Do you genuinely need it, or are you just hanging onto it because you think it could be useful one day.

If you don’t know why you still own it, purge it. If you genuinely need it one day, you can just replace it. It’s far better to purge and replace than to hold onto useless items for years on end.


Do I Have a Good Reason to Keep It?

You should be able to justify the existence of every item in your home. If you can’t, why is it there?

Remember, a good reason doesn’t have to be practical. Sometimes we own things just because they make us happy, and that’s completely valid! But if you can’t think of any reason you own it, it’s time to move it on.


How to Get Rid of Purged Stuff Quick

So, now you know what you should be purging and the criteria needed to decide for yourself, what’s the best way to get rid of it all? Several options are available to you, depending on what you’re trying to purge.


Garage Sale

The classic garage sale is arguably one of the best ways to sell unwanted items quickly, especially the smaller stuff. You might find it challenging to sell an old dishwasher in a garage sale, but all of the miscellaneous items you’ve collected over the years are perfect for this.

Just make sure to advertise widely, so everyone in your neighborhood knows it’s happening. Social media can be an excellent tool for getting the word out.


Donate to Charity

If you no longer want it and it’s in an acceptable state, why not give it to someone less fortunate?

Donation is a great way to give your old stuff a new life with purpose. You can also feel like you’ve done a good deed, which is always positive.

There are charities of all kinds that accept various items, including furniture, so make sure to check the resources in your local area!


Sell Stuff Online

Take your garage sale global! Thanks to the sheer enormity of the internet, there are a million different places to sell your stuff.

You may even be able to sell things that you thought were utterly worthless. There’s truly a website for everything out there. You just might need to do some searching.

If all else fails, just put it up on eBay. There’s a buyer out there for everything, and you can make some money on items you were willing to purge anyway.


Throw it Away!

The last resort: If you can’t find a buyer and the item isn’t suitable for donation, it’s best to get rid of it in a landfill or by hiring a dumpster. You could also opt to hire a professional clear-out team if there is an overwhelming amount you need to junk.

Just check your local laws and regulations before throwing items away, as certain things, like hazardous waste, can’t go in the trash.



Try not to think of a big purge as some enormous chore before moving. It can be incredibly therapeutic. Out with the old, in with the new!

The fastest way to handle this whole process is not to let overt sentimentality or the fear of maybe needing something one day turn you into an accidental hoarder. Junk is junk, and it’s okay to throw stuff away that you no longer need.

Don’t delay the inevitable. Get rid of the stuff that no longer serves you with Nixxit! We’re the number one cleanout service in the Bay Area. Call today for decluttering and a deal!

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