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What to Do With an Old TV

What to Do With an Old TV Featured Image

Old televisions have a way of piling up. You can’t put them on the curb, and sometimes, your old set isn’t necessarily ready for the trash—you just don’t need it anymore.

Televisions are among the most frequently replaced household items, with new technologies always coming out. The OLED or QLED LED TV has replaced your once new LCD set, which replaced your flatscreen, and so on. The old television gets banished to the basement to gather dust.

While you could throw it out, it feels like a waste, especially if it’s in working condition. An old TV can still be a working TV.

The good news is you don’t have to send it to the landfill. There are many options to remove an old TV while reducing your environmental impact.

How Do I Get Rid of My TV?

Whatever you do, don’t throw it out! There are loads of options to avoid contributing to the planet’s already massive e-waste problem.

According to data from the United Nations Environmental Program in 2019, out of the estimated 50 million metric tons of e-waste produced worldwide yearly, only 20% ends up in recycling.

It may be illegal to throw your e-waste in the garbage depending on where you live. California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 made it illegal to dump household items like televisions and computer monitors into landfills. While certain residents must dispose of their household electronics according to these regulations, the good news is that there are plenty of options when getting rid of your TV.

Have a Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted household junk and provide an old, serviceable television with a new home. Someone might pick it up for a kids’ bedroom, a holiday trailer, or an elderly relative.

Bear in mind that at a yard sale, you need to be able to show that the set works, so you should keep a power source handy, plus a couple of batteries for the remote control.

Donate to a Charitable Organization or Community Network

Find a charity that may accept old TV sets. They are always in need of electronics.

These charitable organizations sell working electronics in their stores or online and use this revenue to support young people in your local community with job training, employment placements, and donations.

Other national charities with local shops accept donations and sell the items to raise funds. Many medical-related charities for both physical and mental disabilities and conditions raise money in this way and will often arrange a local collection service.

However, not all charities and thrift shops will accept electronic items, so call or email first to check.

If you have children, their school or college may be grateful for an additional set. Look at which community networks might want to have a TV set that is still in working condition.

Sell or Donate to a Local Hobby Shop or Video Game Group

Depending on how old the TV set is, you might be able to give it to people who still need older technologies.

Find the gamers in your area through social media groups. Some older games like Super Nintendo and the original PlayStation are still played exclusively on tube-based CRT television sets.

Recycle the Set

If the television doesn’t work, or even if it does, but absolutely no one wants it, check out the EPA’s website to access e-waste and recycling services in your area.

If you are buying a new set, some retailers will, for a price, allow you to recycle and take away your old television.

Electronics Disposal Days

Like your local landfill and recycling center will accept paints and hazardous chemicals, your neighborhood could also have electronics disposal centers. Sometimes, these centers have designated drop-off days.

Suppose there isn’t an e-waste facility in your area. In that case, some programs allow residents to drop off electronic items, including televisions, at a designated location. Usually, they’ll ask you to drop it off at a police station, local fire station, or another community hub.

Call a Professional TV Removal Service

If you have a lot of electronic waste or just a lot of junk, then call a contractor who can clear all of it for you without having to separate the TV into recyclable components and dispose of it in different places.

Junk removal services can offer the labor of getting the TV off your property and the connections to drop it off at the proper recycling facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Old TVs Worth Anything?

Old TVs can be valuable. It depends on your model, how old the set is, and whether it’s in working order.

Tube-based CRT sets can have a premium amongst traditional gamers who may pay an unexpectedly reasonable price so they can still play some of the earliest games incompatible with modern televisions.

Apart from dedicated, hardcore gamers, there is a real fashion for all things retro. So, if you have a very old set from the 20th century, you may find it has a surprising cachet amongst people keen to embrace that look from the 1970s and 1980s.

For other TVs, you can try looking at online marketplaces. If you sell online, stipulate that the buyer collects so you can avoid any heavy lifting.

Need Television Removal & Recycling Experts? Give Us a Call

Recycling an old TV set is a bit more complicated than leaving it in the trash. If you can’t be bothered to get rid of it properly, then call Nixit Junk Removal.

We can take away all your unwanted electronics, including television removal, plus any other trash or junk that you don’t want.

As a certified green business, Nixit Junk Removal is committed to waste management, recycling, and donating 80% of the waste we haul. Choose the service with a real environmental hallmark and call Nixxit today.

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Nixxit Junk Removal can help with your electronics removal needs in the Bay Area.

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