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Certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
Certified Bay Area Green Business
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Satellite Dish Removal & Disposal in Bay Area, CA

Is your old and unsightly satellite dish sitting around collecting rust? It’s time for it to go. We make satellite dish removal easy for your home or business.

Why You Need Nixxit’s Satellite Dish Removal Services

Satellite dishes are becoming obsolete. Not only that, but dishes often don’t age well – they fade, rust, and crack until they stick out like a sore thumb. But what do you do with your dish when you no longer need it? They’re harder to get rid of than you may think, and many dish service providers won’t come to pick them up. 

Many dishes are attached to hardware and mounted in hard-to-reach areas, making them difficult to remove. Others may be portable or even mounted to hardware on the ground, taking up valuable space in your yard. 

After all the trouble of disconnecting and removing the dish, you then have to dispose of it. Many of them can’t just go to the dump, which can become an even bigger headache. Luckily, if the dish isn’t mounted on your roof, we can help!

Nixxit makes the disposal process easy. We’re experts in sustainable junk removal, meaning we recycle any sustainable materials and safely dispose of the rest. Contact us today to get the process started. We handle everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Nixxit Hauls All Types of Satellite Dishes

We dispose of satellite dishes of all types, including:

• Portable satellite dishes

• Pole-mounted dishes

• Roof-mounted dishes (that have already been removed)

• Flat dishes

• Mesh dishes

• Fiberglass dishes

• Aluminum dishes


If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our list, give us a call. We’re experts in recycling and sustainable electronics disposal, so chances are, we can help!

How Does Nixxit Get Rid of Satellite Dishes?

Getting rid of your old satellite dish doesn’t have to be a headache. Nixxit makes it as easy as a phone call or a few mouse clicks. Once you’ve disconnected the dish, we do all the work so you can sit back and enjoy your streaming.

Get started with our three easy steps:


Schedule an Appointment


Simply book an appointment online to get started. Tell us about the dish – or dishes – that need disposing of, including size and location. If we can help, we’ll give you a price up-front so you know exactly what to expect. 

Then, you pick the time, date, and location for our haulers to arrive. If you don’t have any room in your schedule, don’t worry – ask about our contactless pick-up service. If your availability is limited, you can also choose someone else to meet us on your behalf.

If you’re under a time crunch – we’ve got you. Be sure to ask about our same-day pick-up service to speed up the process.


Await Our Arrival


We pride ourselves on making the junk removal process as quick and painless as possible. That’s why we give you a concise two-hour time window for our team to arrive once your appointment is set.

You’ll also receive a text message with a picture and details of your service technician and a heads-up when we’re 30 minutes away.


Satellite Dish Removal Process


When our team arrives, they’ll assess your dish’s location and size to determine the best way to remove it. They’ll also disassemble larger pieces and begin to separate components by materials. They’ll also identify parts that can be donated, recycled, or reused. 

Once everything is broken down and sorted, you can bid your old dish farewell. We’ll pack everything up and haul it away so you can return to your day.

Need Satellite Dish Removal in the Bay Area, CA? We Can Help.

Streaming and fiber optics mean satellite dishes are old school. They can be difficult and dangerous to remove, so they’re often left to rust. Nixxit can help you reclaim your space. 

We make it easy for you by handling every step of the process, from removal to disposal. As a Certified Bay Area Green Business, we are committed to sustainable disposal practices. That means we recycle and repurpose whenever possible, doing our part to protect the Bay.

Book online or give us a call to schedule your appointment. Getting rid of your old satellite dish in the Bay Area has never been easier!

Convienent Curbside Pickup Available

Don't want to be there for your appointment? Place your items on the curb or in your driveway and receive 10% off your service.

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