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Certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
Certified Bay Area Green Business
Small Business Locally Owned & Operated

Ice Machine Removal & Disposal in Bay Area, CA

With Nixxit Junk Removal, ice machine disposal is simple. Have your unused appliance removed from your property in three simple steps.

Why You Need Nixxit's Ice Machine Removal Services

Do you have an ice machine or other appliances that you need to have removed from your property? 

These large and bulky machines can be cumbersome, take up a lot of space, and be a hassle on your property if they’re no longer useful. Whether replacing an old ice machine or simply needing it off your property, handling the process will likely feel stressful and overwhelming. 

If you want to reclaim your space by disposing of an unneeded ice machine but need help knowing where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. The process of waving goodbye to an unused appliance couldn’t be more straightforward than it is with the help of our team at Nixxit Junk Removal. 

Make the process simple with a junk removal company you can trust. At Nixxit Junk Removal, we are committed to sustainable disposal and are among the few Certified Bay Area Green Businesses in the industry.

See the difference it makes to work with Nixxit Junk Removal. Contact us today for your ice machine removal and disposal needs.

Nixxit Hauls All Types of Ice Machines

We remove and dispose of ice machines of all types, including: 

• Standalone Ice Machines

• Portable Ice Machines

• Built-In Ice Machines

• Countertop Ice Machines

• Under-counter Ice Machines

• And more

How Does Nixxit Get Rid of Ice Machines?

The process at Nixxit Junk Removal couldn’t be simpler. We have a straightforward 3-step process for removing ice machines from your property, making things as easy and stress-free as possible.


Schedule an Appointment


Book your appointment online or, if you prefer, give us a call. You’ll schedule a 2-hour appointment window at a time that’s convenient to you based on your availability. 

On the night before your appointment, you’ll get a welcome text or call letting you know what you can expect the next day.


Await Our Arrival


Half an hour before our team’s expected arrival, you’ll receive a call and text message that includes the picture and name of your junk removal expert, and this familiar face will greet you once they reach your property. 

Our uniformed professionals will arrive at your property and conduct a walk-through, noting any special instructions from you. From there, you’ll receive a free, no-obligation estimate.


Ice Machine Removal Process


Once you’ve agreed with the price, our team will haul away the items from your property. You can then say goodbye to your appliance and enjoy the additional space without the bulky machine taking up precious room – and you did it without any hassle at all.

Need Ice Machine Removal in the Bay Area, CA? We Can Help.

No one wants to deal with unused bulky items occupying essential space on their property. Your ice machine likely once provided you with many chilled beverages on hot summer days, but if it’s no longer useful, you’re probably eager to wave it goodbye. 

Getting rid of bulky and cumbersome appliances can be a huge task and often feel overwhelming. So why not work with a company that makes things as simple as possible?

With Nixxit Junk Removal, it couldn’t be easier to have this appliance removed and disposed of. We serve the entire Bay Area and are a Certified Bay Area Green Business. We’re also committed to sustainable disposal, so you can feel good about working with us for your junk removal needs.

Want to dispose of your ice machine the easy way? Get in touch with us today for a hassle-free ice machine removal and disposal service. You can schedule your time slot by giving us a call or by booking here.

Convienent Curbside Pickup Available

Don't want to be there for your appointment? Place your items on the curb or in your driveway and receive 10% off your service.