Certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
Certified Bay Area Green Business
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Certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
Certified Bay Area Green Business
Small Business Locally Owned & Operated


Eviction Cleanouts
in Bay Area, CA

Nixxit provides eviction cleanouts in the Bay Area. Our expert eviction clean out team will haul away all the leftover junk, trash, garbage, and furniture anywhere on the evicted property, leaving homes, apartments, and offices clean and ready for new tenants.


Professional Eviction Cleanup Services

Nixxit makes the eviction cleanout experience easier for you. We’ve been providing quality junk removal and property cleanout services in the Bay Area for years.

When tenants fail to pay their rent or mortgage and are served with a notice to vacate, they don’t always leave the property in good condition. Most evictions often result in a headache and mess for property owners, landlords, real estate agents, property managers, and REO agents to deal with.

Our professional eviction cleanout teams work quickly and carefully to remove all items left behind by former tenants, clean up trash and debris, and remove outdated appliances or fixtures, expediting the turnaround time to prepare evicted properties for relisting on the market.

Full-Service Eviction Clean-up Service & Trash Outs

Our eviction cleanup services are full-service. This is how the process works:

  • Planning – If our 10+ years of industry experience has taught us anything, it’s that every property cleanout is different, which is why we take into account your specific needs. When you reach out to us, we’ll schedule a time to come see the property. This helps us to accurately estimate time, labor, and pricing.
  • Removal – Once the estimate has been approved, we will schedule a time to begin the cleanout. Our staff will take care of all the work, including gathering, sorting, removing, and loading all junk and debris that needs to go. Need an eviction cleanout service done quickly? Contact us today so that we can get a team out to you ASAP.
  • Clean Up – The job isn’t done until we’ve done a final walkthrough, confirmed that we got it all, and swept up any loose debris.

Responsible Disposal

Our eviction cleanout service process is straightforward and environmentally friendly. Nixxit is a Certified Bay Area Green Business.

If items are in good, usable condition, then we’ll donate them to a local Bay Area charity or rehome them directly to a local family in need. Recyclables like electronics and appliances will be taken to an appropriate facility. Then, we’ll dispose of the remaining junk. Read more about our Environmental Commitment.

Items We Accept

Every evicted property comes with its own set of unique circumstances. Most evictions often result in an enormous mess. Nixxit is experienced in all types of junk removal, so no matter what needs to be removed, we can take it!

Eviction Cleanouts Pricing

Nixxit offers transparent pricing to make your eviction cleanout even easier. Our eviction cleanouts include all the eviction cleanout and trash-out details from the heavy lifting, sorting, transportation, donating, and proper recycling. 

  • Estimates – At the beginning of any eviction cleanout, we will assess the property and provide you with a detailed estimate at no cost.
  • No Hidden Fees – Our upfront pricing covers all expenses and we never add hidden charges to the bills.

Need help cleaning out an evicted property in the Bay Area?

Choosing Nixxit as your eviction cleanout business is simple. We understand that no two properties are the same, which means no two cleanouts are the same. If you are looking to quickly clean up an evicted property, Nixxit is here to help.

Our professional junk removal team will provide you with an upfront quote for each property based on its specific clean out and trash out needs. Schedule your free eviction cleanout estimate today. Call Nixxit today or book online!

We offer our eviction cleanout services and junk removal services to the entire Bay Area. Not sure if we serve your area? Check out all of the areas we service.

Types of property cleanouts we offer

Our team handles all types of property cleanouts including but not limited to:

Eviction Cleanouts

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Estate Cleanouts

Apartment Cleanouts

Tenant Cleanouts

Hoarder Cleanouts

Moving and Downsizing Cleanouts

Retail Moving and Office Cleanouts

Storage Unit Cleanouts

Warehouse Cleanouts

& more

We're here for you. Let us handle all your
eviction cleanout and junk removal details.

Environmental Commitment.

We believe sustainability is best judged by a disciplined, systematic evaluation of what we are hauling away to assure that things are either donated or recycled whenever possible, which means keeping as much as we can out of the landfill. The outcome is a more sustainable future. We ’re working towards meeting a landfill diversion rate of 80%.

The Best Eviction Clean Out Services in the Bay Area.

Nixxit is the #1 choice for junk removal and cleanouts near you

Alameda County Eviction Clean Out Services

Contra Costa County Eviction Cleanout Services 

Santa Clara County Eviction Cleanout Services

San Mateo County Eviction Cleanout Services

San Francisco County Eviction Cleanout Services


Women-Owned Small Business

Nixxit is fully licensed and insured and provides up-front junk removal estimates

Fully Licensed and Insured


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Uniformed Team of Professionals

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