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Certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
Certified Bay Area Green Business
Small Business Locally Owned & Operated

Computer Disposal & Recycling Bay Area, CA

Laptop disposal, PC recycling, tablet disposal, computer disposal, and more in the Bay Area.

Do you have a computer, laptop, tablet, or another electronic device that you want to dispose of properly but don’t know how or where to take it?

Nixxit Provides All Types of Computer Disposal

It doesn’t matter what type of e-waste it is—Nixxit will handle it. We can remove any of the items listed below:

  • Computers/PCs
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Home, office, retail, and commercial computers
  • E-readers
  • External hard drives
  • Storage devices/flash drives
  • Input devices
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Microphones
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Smartphones

Don’t see your e-waste listed here? Call Nixxit, and we’ll make sure you can have it removed the responsible way. 

How Nixxit Removes Your Unwanted Computers and Electronic Devices

When your laptop, PC, or another electronic device finally reaches the end of its lifespan, it’s time to dispose of it—the right way. 

Computers are not like other goods we have around the home. They contain personal information. When disposing of it, you want your computer in safe hands for removal and recycling. 

At Nixxit Junk Removal, computers are just one of the many items we will remove from your home or office. We’ll dispose of the device at a certified e-waste recycling facility so that you don’t need to worry about data breaches. 

Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process. We can give you a free quote, schedule a pick-up time that works for you, and text you 30 minutes before your appointment with information about your removal tech. After that, it’s a hands-free, hassle-free service for you.

Need Help Getting Rid of an Old Computer?

Whether you just need a computer removed or a whole office cleared out, we are the #1 Rated Bay Area, CA Computer Disposal Company.  

Call Nixxit today to receive a free estimate or book online to schedule your computer disposal and recycling pick-up.

Environment-Friendly Electronics Recycling

Computers account for a sizable portion of our trash, with 6.92 million tons of e-waste and about 46 pounds per person produced in the U.S annually. Only a small part of this, around 15%, is recycled. A staggering amount of recyclable e-waste currently lies in landfills around the country and abroad. 

You can recycle computers, smartphones, and other electronics. When it goes to an e-waste processing center, qualified technicians will reuse parts of an old computer. It’s becoming easier and easier to recycle many components—it’s just about getting them into the right hands.    

At Nixxit, we take your old computers and haul them away to e-waste processing centers. It’s part of our environmental commitment. We promise that your old devices won’t simply end up at the bottom of a distant landfill. We aim to recycle or reuse 80% of what we remove, and computers are among our highest priorities. 

Convienent Curbside Pickup Available

Don't want to be there for your appointment? Place your items on the curb or in your driveway and receive 10% off your service.

The Importance of Recycling

At Nixxit Junk Removal, we like to make things as easy as possible, so we keep rules and regulations to a minimum. 

We do not collect toxic materials, which should be fine for most computers. If the computer has already been badly damaged and is leaking some of its substances, we may direct you to one of the hazardous waste disposal centers.  

Apart from that, getting rid of an old desktop or laptop computer couldn’t be easier with Nixxit Junk Removal. Simply give us a call or book an appointment online, and we can arrange for somebody to come to your home or office and remove the computer. 

Rules for Computer Removal & Pick Up

The number of recycled computers is steadily growing, but the 15% rate of recycling computers still lags well behind where it should be. Recycling a computer is neither difficult nor expensive, and it will almost certainly benefit the environment.  

Manufacturing a single computer requires a significant amount of resources. A PC manufacturing lifecycle uses 48 pounds of toxic chemicals, 63 gallons of fossil fuels, and 396 gallons of water throughout its construction. 

When you look at the production of a computer in this way, the importance of recycling, reusing, or reselling becomes much more evident. Unfortunately, the thirst for the newest product often trumps considerations about what might happen to a computer after you dispose of it. 

We often think about recycling when it comes to plastic, glass, or metal, but not so much when it comes to e-waste. Most often, consumers simply don’t know how to dispose of electronic goods or that they need to in the first place. It’s why educating yourself and your community about e-waste is crucial.

E-waste often contains toxic substances. Computers come packed with materials such as zinc, nickel, flame retardants, barium, and chromium, which can be hazardous.

Dumping electronic devices into a landfill can release tons of toxic chemicals that negatively affect the soil, water, and even humans. They also contribute to severe air pollution. 

E-waste can easily seep into the soil around waste dumps, which can enter water sources. 

Improper e-waste disposal can hugely damage the ecosystem and bodies. When removing and recycling these items, you want to let the pros handle them so that they can process these devices in an ethical and eco-friendly way. 

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