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How To Sell a Hoarder House

How To Sell a Hoarder House 1

Selling a hoarder house is a delicate subject, especially with family. Individuals suffering from hoarding accumulate many possessions in their homes, resulting in the phrase “hoarder house.”

These homes are characterized by endless clutter, making it difficult to walk in. If you find yourself inheriting a hoarder’s house, you might wonder if selling it is even possible.

Continue reading to understand the complexities of hoarding, determine if selling it is the right decision, and discover practical steps for preparing the home to be sold.

Understanding the Hoarder Phenomenon

Hoarding extends beyond just collecting items. Recognized as a mental disorder, individuals compulsively and persistently save items they perceive have worth, detrimentally impacting their lives. This behavior significantly affects their relationships, home, and overall quality of life. Hoarding is complex and often accompanies other mental illnesses like anxiety, ADHD, or depression.

Hoarders unintentionally hold onto an excessive number of items, regardless of their use or need. Individuals cannot let go, resulting in an accumulation of items others consider to be “junk.” Often, a hoarder’s home overflows to the brim: shelves, counters, whole rooms, and stairways cannot hold anything else.

Most hoarders don’t see a problem with their overloaded homes. Instead, they experience anxiety and indecisiveness when trying to get rid of their possessions.

Should You Try to Sell a Hoarder House?

Handling a hoarder house can be overwhelming, especially when deciding the next steps. If you’ve inherited the house, selling it is a great option. But do you want to sell it as is or try to get top-dollar for the property? Choosing to spruce up the home to get the most money from the property will take more work compared to a less stressful and quicker as-is sale.

Selling as it is can be the fastest and least stressful way to get rid of the house. That means no fixing, repairing, cleaning, or upgrading any part of it before selling. In the Bay Area, a few companies purchase hoarder homes as is – sometimes for a cash offer. Look for contractors or real estate investors who buy hoarder houses. Here at Nixxit, we have some referrals for Bay Area investors. While you can sell the home quickly, it does not mean you will get top-dollar for the property.

But if you’re willing to put in the time and work, it’s possible to maximize the sale price. Potential buyers expect homes to be move-in ready upon purchase. Hoarder homes are often neglected for years and require deep cleaning and extensive repairs before putting it on the market. Depending on the location and the property, this extra effort might be worth it to get top-dollar on this home.

Preparing a Hoarder House for Sale

When looking at the state of a hoarder house, it’s overwhelming to take the next step in moving forward. Keep reading for practical next steps in preparing to sell a hoarder house.

Cleaning the House

With a hoarding situation, the first step in preparing to sell the home is to clean it out. Potential buyers only want to pay top dollar for a move-in-ready home.

Handling this step alone can be daunting, especially in severe hoarding cases where you have many items to throw out, sell, or donate. To accomplish this task efficiently, you should plan how to clean the home.

Rather than approaching this task alone, specialized junk removal companies, like Nixxit, offer hoarder cleanout services. Hiring professional help makes the cleanup process faster and less stressful than doing it yourself. Professional help ensures a sorter timeline that can align with deadlines from court-ordered rulings, municipal code violations, or HOA violations. Junk removal companies come prepared with the right equipment and disposal solutions, making the process more efficient.

If a loved one is present during the cleanout, their illness will create challenges in parting with belongings. It’s essential to offer support to your loved one through this.

Hiring a junk removal company experienced with extreme hoarding cases ensures a sensitive and expert approach. Nixxit offers a compassionate strategy, having handled many hoarding cases. Further, Nixxit aims to dispose of 80% of items they clean out or haul away in eco-friendly ways, such as donations.

After removing all the items, you should hire a professional cleaning service. It’s necessary to clean up the accumulated unsanitary conditions from the hoarding. Professionals are needed to treat biohazards, mold, and pests. Look for a cleaning company offering these services and educate yourself on handling biohazards.

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Performing Repairs

Repairs on a hoarder house are more extensive than just putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. It isn’t uncommon for these homes to have damage from pets, mold, and a general lack of maintenance. You need to check for plumbing, electrical, and structural damages. The walls, floor, and other finishes can suffer from holes and scuff marks needing repair.

Walking around in hoarder homes can be challenging, making it difficult for someone to notice when a repair is needed. Over the years, these unrepaired areas pile up, leading to a growing list of issues. Expect to uncover more problems as you work through the home.

Hiring an inspector to evaluate and identify the repairs needed will save you time in the long run. Being proactive with your inspection ensures the property meets the buyer’s expectations.

Making Updates

On top of neglecting repairs, the features likely need to be updated if the hoarder owned the home for a long time. From old appliances and HVAC systems to fading wall paint, the owner has probably yet to perform any upgrades to the home. The large volume of items in the house would make it impossible to paint the walls or notice needed upgrades.

Buyers are looking for a turnkey home. Upgrading these small parts of the house caters to buyer’s expectations and can lead to a higher sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Hoarder’s House Be Appraised?

Often, the home’s condition is so severe that getting an accurate appraisal on the property is complex. Choose a licensed appraiser with experience in hoarder houses. They will need to assess the potential value objectively. A current and potential appraisal lets you know if cleaning and repairing the house is worth the cost.

Can I Sell My Hoarder House With Tenants?

As a landlord, you may have tenants who have turned your property into a hoarder house with gigantic piles and potential health hazards. Fortunately, it’s standard to sell hoarder houses with tenants to another landlord. Look for a landlord who understands a hoarding situation so they are prepared to handle it.

Need Hoarder Cleanout Services in the Bay Area, CA? We Can Help.

Hoarding is a complex mental illness that consumes a person’s life and home. When selling a hoarder’s house, there are two options: selling it as it is for a fast but smaller profit or investing time and effort to fix it for a higher return.

Fixing it up comes with a longer list of things to do, but the return on the investment makes it worth your time. Hiring a professional junk removal company can help take some stress away. Nixxit offers friendly, compassionate, professional hoarder cleanout services in the Bay Area.

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