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How to Get Rid of a Refrigerator

How To Get Rid of a Refrigerator Refrigerators are essential items for any homeowner, renter, or anyone else. They are also costly investments that take up a considerable amount of room. When you need to get rid of a refrigerator, it’s a lot of work unplugging and hauling the appliance to the correct place. You can’t just put your refrigerator on the sidewalk with your trash. In some places, doing so could be breaking the law. You can also risk injury to yourself or others trying to remove such a heavy appliance. The good news is there’s an easier way—five, in fact. Read on to learn five ways to get rid of a refrigerator.

What Are My Options for Getting Rid of a Refrigerator?

Whether upgrading your appliance or moving out a broken one, getting rid of a refrigerator can be a hassle. The size of these appliances makes getting rid of them stressful for many families. An average family-sized refrigerator can weigh anything from 100-400 pounds. Moving this alone is unsafe, and even with someone to help you, improper removal methods could lead to injury. There are safer ways to get rid of a refrigerator. Use one of the methods below:

Trading in the Refrigerator

The first option for getting rid of a fridge is to trade it in for another appliance. Depending on the age and condition of the appliance, you can contact the company that sold you your refrigerator and ask about a trade. Appliance sellers offer trade-ins because they want customers to stick with their brand. It means if you’re getting rid of an old appliance, you could potentially upgrade to a newer one! Some retailers or manufacturers offer an additional incentive and will send professionals to retrieve the refrigerator for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about removal at all. The pick-up service also may come at a small but additional fee. A trade-in is one of the most efficient and convenient options. However, remember that your appliance must be in good condition, such as still working or practically brand new. Considering a refrigerator can last 10-20 years, your appliance may be past the warranty window.

Throwing It Away

Throwing your refrigerator away is another option. However, this approach comes with some issues. It’s not as straightforward as other types of trash removal. Throwing a fridge away is more complex than just leaving it outside and waiting for a waste pickup service to come and retrieve it because environmental laws prevent big kitchen appliances from filling up landfills in many states. Besides environmental concerns, there are safety ones. In California, abandoning a refrigerator can lead to penalties and fines. Disposing a refrigerator without removing its doors is a misdemeanor that could lead to six months in jail and court fines. The toxic components inside the appliance pose a hazard to public health, and with the doors on, it could be a safety issue for children or small animals. If you decide to throw out the appliance, you need to locate a waste processing center or book an appointment to have your local trash company come and retrieve the refrigerator. There may be additional fees to have a professional dispose of it for you.

Donating Your Refrigerator

Another economical and philanthropic option is donating your fridge to charity. Several charities accept refrigerators that are in good working condition; however, most charities won’t offer free-pickups, so you’ll need to arrange transport. Since a refrigerator can be a costly investment, donating allows families in need to acquire this essential item at a more affordable cost. Considering 99.9% of Americans have a refrigerator, and nearly 25% have two or more of these appliances, a donation can be a good deed that helps American families with a cost that is a household necessity.

Dropping It Off at a Recycling Center

Recycling is an excellent option. Refrigerators contain toxic chemicals, including refrigerant, foam, and other hazardous components like mercury. Recycling prevents these chemicals from ending up in landfills and polluting the environment. When you drop off the appliance at a recycling center, they will take it apart, remove the toxic components, and dispose of it safely. It’s the responsible solution to getting rid of your refrigerator. However, like waste processing, you can’t just put the refrigerator with your weekly recycling. You’ll need to research recycling centers to see who can take your appliance.

Calling a Junk Removal Service

The final and most convenient option would be to call a junk removal service. Expert waste removal and recycling services like Nixxit will remove your appliance and dispose of it correctly. You don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or risking legal violations when you call a removal service. The convenience is what makes this the most appealing solution for most homes. All you have to do is contact a junk disposal service, and they will send professionals to quickly get rid of your refrigerator. At Nixxit, we work closely with local recycling and waste processing centers to ensure your appliance disposal is the most eco-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Recycle Refrigerators?

To recycle your refrigerator, you would need to take it to a recycling center where they convert the different components of the fridge into reusable material, for example the metal. You can take the refrigerator yourself or have it picked up by waste disposal professionals, who can drop it off at a recycling center.

How to Donate Refrigerators?

One way to get rid of a working refrigerator is to donate it. Your fridge would need to be in near perfect working order so it could be used by someone in need. You’d also want to know the model if you did want to go down the donation route. There are many non-profit establishments that will accept fridges. It’s essential to contact the donation organization ahead of transporting your appliance to avoid getting turned away if it’s not something they can accept.

How Do You Get Rid of a Refrigerator for Free?

If your fridge still works, get in touch with a friend in need of one and arrange for them to come pick it up from your home. This method will get rid of it while also not requiring you to pay a fee, and you get to help a friend. Another option could be to post it on popular platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, advertising that you’re giving a working fridge away for free only via buyer pickup. Make sure to only accept cash or Venmo when the person comes to collect.

Need Help Removing a Refrigerator? Get in Touch

Getting rid of a refrigerator can be taxing, but it doesn’t have to be. With the proper removal methods, you can ensure your appliance removal is safe and eco-friendly. If you have a refrigerator you need to get rid of, call Nixxit Junk Removal. Our experts work with you on your schedule, and we recycle 80% of the items we pick up. Call today for environmentally friendly refrigerator removal!

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