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How To Dispose of a Grill

How To Dispose of a Grill


Setting up a new grill is as exciting as preparing to host family and friends for a warm summertime barbecue. But when your old grill’s time is up, how do you dispose of your kit responsibly? We’ll answer that below.

Before you make any moves, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your grill of food debris – and then the fun disposal process begins. Let’s get into it.


What To Do With Old Grills

Who knows how long that grill has been sitting there? Follow these easy steps below to get it out of your home and into responsible hands.


Cleaning Advice

First, remove grime, cobwebs, and food debris before connecting the tank and opening the valve. Spray the flexible gas line using dish soap and warm water. You’ll know you have a leak if you see bubbles concentrated in one spot.

If the gas line looks good, why not use the same line for your new grill?


The Main Body, Lid and Shelving

Grills are usually constructed with steel variations and aluminum. Such metals are often recyclable, so your first step is to contact a scrap metal dealer who can either dispose of or sell the raw materials to be made into a new metal product. Alternatively, you can contact us at Nixxit Junk – we’ll gladly take care of this step for you.

Next, look at your grill lid handles or fixtures and try to find a logo that points to recycling. Any plastic features may be suitable for recycling, so first, separate them from the main metal structure. If there’s no logo to be found, separate them anyway and then dispose with your regular garbage waste.

If the material is steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, dispose of it in the same way as your main grill body.

The same rules apply to shelving. If the material is recyclable, place it with your other recyclables.


The Propane Hose

Unfortunately, propane hoses are not recyclable. Cut the hose from the tank connector to the burners. Then, dispose of the material along with your standard garbage waste.


The Gas Valves

Common materials used to make gas valves are brass and aluminum – both recyclable. If you need assistance with the gas valves, we’re knowledgeable in the recycling process and can help you do so safely.


The Control Buttons

If your gas knobs are black plastic, recycle them as a standard plastic item. Some knobs are metal-plated, but unfortunately, these must be added to your general waste.


The Electronics and Batteries

All electric items, including wires and controllers, must be detached from the main body and disposed of at a certified e-waste drop-off point. Batteries, too, must be disposed of responsibly alongside consumer electronics. A quick online search will help locate preferred local e-waste pick-up and drop-off points.


The Wheels

Next, add wheels to your growing recycling pile if entirely made of plastic. Casters can’t be recycled, so add them to your general waste disposal pile.


The LP Tank

Liquid Propane Tanks – LP tanks, for short – must be disposed of properly. Even empty gas tanks can contain residual gas, so don’t give this bulky item to a scrap dealer. Look into exchanging your tank through an LP tank exchange program in your area. Alternatively, a local camping store may offer a viable exchange program.

Propane is hazardous, so it’s vital to dispose of your tank responsibly. Tanks containing fuel can explode, which risks severe injury or even death. This part can be unnerving, but you can trust our expert guidance to remove unwanted propane tanks from your home.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Put a Grill in a Dumpster?

Yes, non-hazardous material can go into a dumpster, although we recommend responsibly separating waste and recycling.

Of the 292.4 tons of waste generated in 2018, only 69.1 tons went to recycling centers. We think we can do better.


What Should I Do With the Old Propane Tank?

If you’re set on disposing of the tank yourself, your local recycling center may accept them, or you may find a nearby LP tank exchange program.


Need Help Getting Rid of an Old Grill? Call Us!

Nixxit Junk is on hand to help remove, recycle, and dispose of grills, small appliances, and more. Not everyone has the time or patience for this tedious job – let us take care of it for you. Enjoy the smiles with your new grill, and don’t forget to keep it up to scratch by giving it a good clean to prevent rust. We’ll be ready to help you with the heavy lifting whenever you need a hand.

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