Nixxit was named an expert in a Rent. Article

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“If you hug it does it bring you joy?” Marie Kondo, the queen of decluttering, has said. If you declutter before moving, you can get a better sense of your belongings and how many boxes you will need. You may not need as many as you think! Rent.’s article, How to Declutter Before a Move, […]

The 6 Most Common Mistakes When Doing a Home Cleanout and How to Avoid Them

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Home cleanouts can usually be a stressful time for people. The need to clean out an entire home can usually be due to cleaning out an estate after a loved one has passed, downsizing due to a major life event, or the result of an eviction. Home cleanouts can be an enormous time investment and […]

Yelp: Castro Valley’s 8 Best Resources For After Your Move

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Featured Image: David Smith / Special to The Chronicle   Welcome to Castro Valley and congratulations on your big move!   If you’re no stranger to moving, you know there’s a long to do-list that comes after the moving truck has left. If you’ve just moved into your new Castro Valley home or apartment, there’s […]