What Is the Fastest Way to Clean a Hoarder’s House?

junk piled outside hoarders house

Collecting items is a regular hobby for many Americans. However, it becomes a problem when it becomes too much and impacts health and lifestyle. A hoarder’s house presents numerous health hazards, and when it comes time to clean, it can seem an impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be. How To Clean a Hoarder’s […]

What Is the Average Cost to Clean a Hoarder’s House?

How Much Does A Hoarder Cleanout Cost?

Hoarding is a psychological condition where a person seeks to retain items for extended periods regardless of their value. That might not sound entirely bad on the surface. However, when those items become too much that they overwhelm the person’s home, it can cause safety and health problems. Cleaning out a hoarder’s house can be […]

Hoarding vs. Clutter: What’s the Difference?

Hoarding vs. Clutter Whats the Difference

It can be challenging to distinguish between a hoarder and someone who’s often messy. However, where a disorganized individual eventually cleans their surroundings, someone with a hoarding disorder will struggle psychologically to do the same. The struggle can be so huge that the clutter builds into extremes, increasing the risk of physical injury and unsanitary […]

Is Hoarding Covered by Insurance? What To Know

Is Hoarding Covered by Insurance? What To Know

Hoarding affects many homeowners throughout the country in some way or another. Whether it’s them being hoarders themselves, renting to hoarders, or having relatives who are hoarders, this affects Americans across demographic lines. Those who endure hoarding in some way often have to contend with multiple issues, not just the junk itself. The accumulation of […]

Preparing For Your Hoarder Cleanout

Preparing For Your Hoarder Cleanout_Bay Area Hoarder Cleanout

You may be responsible for clearing out a house packed full of things for several reasons. A loved one might pass away, leaving behind all of their belongings in their home. A friend might finally ask for help, hoping for a fresh start. Whatever the case, hoarding clean out is a big job and can […]