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Can You Put Recycling in a Trash Bag?

Can You Put Recycling in a Trash Bag

Homeowners or renters should always place recyclables in a special bin or container, but what if you don’t have one? Or what if you want to line your bin with a protective bag? Can you put recycling in a trash bag when disposing of it?

The answers are a bit complicated, but understanding the basics of recycling can ensure your recycling ends up where it’s meant to be. Read on for more information about how and why you should use the correct type of bags for your recyclables.

Should Recycling Be Put in Trash Bags?

If you can keep your recyclables loose in the bin, that’s best. If you’re tempted to put your recycling in trash bags, here’s where you should check to see if it’s allowed:

Check Your Municipal Rules

The rules and regulations about the types of bags you can use to dispose of recyclables vary from municipality to municipality. Some cities may not allow plastic bags, while others may require that all recyclables be placed in clear plastic bags for easier identification. Before tossing any recyclables, check with your local government to see their specific requirements. Not doing so could result in fines or other penalties.

Check With Your Private Waste Company

Using a private waste company instead of municipal services might have specific rules and regulations regarding what types of bags can hold recyclables. Familiarize yourself with these rules before placing any recyclable items into a trash bag. Some private companies will provide specific bins or containers for their customers to use when disposing of their waste and recycling materials.

Trash Bag Alternatives for Storing Recyclables

What’s the best way to store recyclables? Many people opt for traditional trash bags, but you can find several alternatives that make storing and transporting your recyclables more efficient and eco-friendly.

Recycling Bin

A recycling bin is the most popular option for storing recyclables. It’s an easy and effective way to store your recyclable items – throw them in, close the lid, and you’re done! Recycling bins come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can find one that fits perfectly in your home or office. They can also come with separate compartments for paper, plastic, glass, etc., to help you remember what items are recyclable. Be sure that the recycling bin you leave out for your municipality or waste company to collect is approved so they don’t skip over it.

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Cardboard Boxes

Using cardboard boxes as a recyclable storage option is another excellent alternative. Cardboard boxes are easily stackable and durable enough to hold up against heavy items like cans and glass bottles. Plus, they’re inexpensive or free, making them a great option if you’re on a budget. Cardboard boxes are also recyclable, which makes them the perfect vehicle to transport other recyclable goods. Use large, sturdy boxes that won’t break down easily with weight or usage over time.

Compostable Trash Bags

Compostable trash bags are biodegradable and made from renewable resources like cornstarch or plant fibers, making them more eco-friendly than plastic trash bags.

Compostable bags break down quickly in landfills or compost piles so that they won’t add to our growing landfill problem. Plus, they’re strong enough to hold up against heavier items like cans or glass bottles without tearing easily like regular plastic bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Recyclables in a Trash Bag Get Recycled?

More than 91% of plastic was placed in a landfill or incinerated in 2018, so the odds are that recyclables in trash bags won’t get recycled. Most recycling plants don’t like trash bags because they cause problems with the sorting process, getting stuck in machinery.

Can I Use Black Bags for Recycling?

No, you shouldn’t use black bags for recycling, as black trash bags are generally viewed as landfill items. Additionally, the black color can block items from sunlight, preventing the items from further degrading and smelling.

Final Thoughts

Whether you can put recycling in a trash bag depends on the requirements set forth by your local government or private waste company. Before disposing of recyclable materials, it’s always best to check with both. Otherwise, those items may be sent straight to the landfill instead of recycled. If you don’t want to risk your rubbish getting sent to the wrong destination, confirm your location below and give us a call!

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